A report by the Clean Energy Council, representing renewable energy companies and solar installers, has called for more local renewable energy production and manufacturing and a “certificate of origin” scheme to counter concerns about slave labour.

  • @pancake@lemmy.ml
    21 year ago

    So, let me summarize…

    • China has strict anti-terrorism laws that deal with e.g. radicalization. They imprison anyone that breaks those laws in specialized prisons.
    • People that happen to live in the same areas make a living by manufacturing and exporting goods, including polysilicon cells.
    • Cutting imports from those areas would increase poverty and thus increase dissent in an already conflicting area; US government obviously decides to do it.
    • Somehow they want me to believe that making those people poorer will change Chinese laws? Or something like that?
    • Now they manage to somehow link it with renewables too, and propose measures that would increase their price. So guess we should rely as much as possible on oil, which benefits the US’ petrodollar system?
    • And yet the article tries to make it sound like those panels are being manufactured by forced labor, by not giving much of an explanation, plus mashing it together with actual forced labor manufacture.