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I pretty much just use Kavin’s Piped instance ( over any Invidious instance now. While Invidious is able to download stuff when I don’t have access to NewPipe or yt-dlp, Piped just seems to work a lot better overall.

Invidious might be light, but it’s unlikely to ever have much more work done on it by anyone thanks to it being written in Crystal.

I like to use as landing page, because it has been around for long with no down time and it has an easy name to remember.

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The only difference I’ve ever noticed between Invidious instances is some allow downloading and others don’t. If you like having the option to download, you could seek one of them out.

My experience is that using any Invidious instance in combination with yt-dlp on the command line makes downloads already work. Just saying.

They’re all pretty much the same. Use the ones that work best for you. I personally use instances from the libredirect extension, if one doesn’t work or is slow, I switch it to another

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