Antitrust opens probe into Google - English
Web giant defends itself over interoperability of data © ANSA

Italy’s Antitrust authority opens probe into Google
Web giant defends itself over interoperability of data

(ANSA) - ROME, JUL 14 - Italy’s antitrust authority said Thursday that it has opened a probe into Google for allegedly abusing its dominant market position.
The watchdog said Google allegedly hampered the interoperability of data sharing on its platform with other platforms.
“These tools enable people to extract and transfer their data,” Google said.
“These tools are designed to help people manage their personal information, and not give other companies or intermediaries access to more data to sell”.
Last year the authority on fined Google and Apple 10 million euros each for two breaches of the consumer code, one for a lack of information and the other for aggressive practices linked to the acquisition and use of consumer data for commercial purposes. (ANSA).…

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PS: Also South Africa’s Competition Commission, which has been probing online markets for the past 14 months, has provisionally found that Google’s search-engine practices distort competition in the company’s favor…

(The article was reported to us by @Piratasocia1 )

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