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Faking Paparazzi Videos For Clout
It's also hilarious how the guy making fun of them for doing something actually does a better job at it when he tried as a joke.

but every distro will lead to some googling

This is really important to know going into any new tech platform. You will need to search things up, this is true even on something like iOS where they spend billions of dollars on making everything as intuitive as possible.

At least it aligns with when air conditioning is used the most. That’s the hardest thing to shift temporally, everything else just requires some conscious effort and is relatively painless to switch.

Don’t particularly like that first source being Wikipedia either. Literally the article for “timeline of solar panels” lol, could have just read that and cut out the middleman.

For reference: even though plant photosynthesis is reasonably efficient at producing glucose, if you were to extract and process that glucose into a usable biofuel like ethanol, the usable energy conversion for us is around 1%

Solar energy to glucose energy through photosynthesis is about 10% to 12% (this includes energy lost through light wavelengths that is not compatible with the photosynthesis pathway, similar unusable wavelengths also exist for solar panels). So that amount of solar energy is available to the plant for metabolism. Interestingly enough, if you ate the plant, you also get a similar usable energy of about 1% (of the sun’s original energy) so our biofuel conversion processes are on par with biological digestion, and our current solar cells surpass natural solar energy conversion in plants (though that’s not a completely fair comparison since we’re generating electricity while plants make glucose, which has additional losses in the chemical reactions).

Related: I always say it’s not evil AI you have to worry about, but evil humans making the AI.

Yeah this is the norm for large corporations. Most are brazen enough to outright destroy or falsify their records (why wouldn’t they? it’s not like they’ll ever get punished for it) so this is fair game in their mind.

Neurological and mental patients are treated like shit all the time. The medical industry doesn’t see them as fully human because a part of their brain doesn’t work the way doctors decided it should work. Legally, if you have certain mental or neurological conditions, doctors don’t need your consent to treat you or do anything else to you, and they’re allowed to abduct you if you don’t come in willingly.

Norway Nandway Nxorway Notway

Implying there is a tasteful way of unauthorized distribution of someone else’s personal life?

So if it’s using water for evaporative cooling, which generally doesn’t give a shit about water quality, any word on what kind of water and where geographically it’s located? Because there’s a huge difference between using up clean tap water in California during a drought vs using minimally filtered river water in Florida during monsoon season, vs using raw sea water, vs using treated sewage and wastewater that needs to be discharged far from human settlements anyway if it wasn’t being evaporated in a data center.

I don’t even like OpenAI due to their other practices and am not defending them, but this seems like one of the less significant things to freak out over compared to the other shit they’ve pulled. If anything you should be worried way more about how much energy they use and whether that energy comes from fossil fuels.

“Where did you learn that? How do you know what their situation is? Cause obviously you never went there, and if you did you probably stayed in a resort and barely interacted with any of the non-resort staff there, you have never LIVED there and actually experienced and interacted with their supposedly evil government. You have all your info about them from Western media right? So what makes you so sure YOU’RE not brainwashed?”

Why shouldn’t they? NATO, the EU, and G7 bully them with the combined power of their alliance, so coalitions like BRICS and ASEAN are the logical response to even the playing field. I do think these alliances will be proper rivals the Western ones in the future, most likely a much nearer future than most people in the West think given the world’s political trajectory (they might even merge into one big alliance or the two alliances themselves will form a higher order alliance).

Thoughts on electric mopeds/motorcycles?
People here seem to love e-bikes, and honestly they're pretty good and I love them too. But what about electric moped scooters or electric motorcycles? I remember riding on an electric moped back in China, sitting in front of my aunt who was driving, and it felt really cool, though thinking back I don't remember either of us wearing helmets so might not have been the safest thing (then again we couldn't go very fast on the dense Chinese city streets either, and it was seen more as "biking 2.0" because most Chinese cities have excellent bike lanes that also allow scooters as long as you ride at lower speeds). Maybe it's just childhood bias and nostalgia but I've always liked the concept of electric mopeds. I've also heard people in North America saying it's a good car alternative especially in places with milder climates, because while it would be ideal to just have walkable/bikeable cities in the first place, if you have no choice but to live in a suburb and don't want a car it can be a good compromise between not having a car but still having a vehicle capable of quickly covering the distances imposed by urban sprawl, but it's a lot cheaper, less resource intensive, and allows you to dart around traffic. The only issue is you can't park it at a bike parkade and have to use a parking lot, and you can't bring it on public transit. What do you think? Do you think electric mopeds and motorcycles have a place in a car free society?

I always enjoy unpinning edge from my taskbar.

I enjoyed it so much that I unpinned Windows from my computer and installed Linux!

They say hell is lonely and filled with demons. It’s hell. It’s just hell.

Ubuntu is the stepping stone from Mac/Windows to Linux. Like the tutorial level. It’s also one of the most “corporate” Linux OS vendors outside of RedHat. Of course it’s shitty lol.

The most popular non-Canonical derivatives, Linux Mint and POP OS, have both totally rejected and vocally criticize Canonical’s bullshit, Snap or otherwise. This isn’t going to make the fall in line, this is going to make them finally get serious about ditching Ununtu and switching directly to the upstream Debian base.

And Snap isn’t? If you think Flatpak is bad how exactly is locking you into an objectively worse universal package manager the solution?

Without changing anything else about how the code is managed, which, doubtful considering Musk (at least not for the better), a rewrite will end up just as dysfunctional as the original codebase by the time it’s reimplemented all the features.

And if you were committed to changing your coding practices, a rewrite would almost invariably be unnecessary as slower incremental revisions will invariably cause the codebase to turn over and shed the problematic parts while keeping the working stuff.

When larger codebases than Twitter have managed to completely shift languages without a full rewrite, this idea is coming from ego and Elon’s savior complex, and not a place of logic and actual necessity. Not even shift languages like Java to Kotlin (which, Twitter is written in Scala which is another primarily JVM language) I’m talking full ecosystem shifts like PHP to Python or JavaScript to Rust while keeping the codebase continuous. Not saying it’s easy, but it can at least be mostly painless if and only if it’s managed correctly. For context, Google has switched from Python to Go for its core infrastructure, Firefox is switching from C to Rust and Tor is following the same route, Patreon changed from PHP to Python a few years ago, and Discord is also switching its core infrastructure code from (IIRC) Node.js to Rust.

I’m still manually doing HTML includes for jQuery and Bootstrap. Not from CDNs either, I download the files to my repository with the correct license and attribution notices and host them on the same static file server as all my custom assets. It’s really not hard to do and also means your website has one less tracker for users to worry about (yes CDNs track you, even the ones that swear they deliver files anonymously because how exactly do you plan on proving that they actually deliver files anonymously).

Also, never really found PWA frameworks any better than good old jQuery and Bootstrap, so yeah I still use those two. This also mean my webpages do not require JS to load, making them lighter, more compatible with legacy browsers, as well as working most of the way with JS disabled if the user is not comfortable with allowing JS from some rando’s blog (which, as a rule, users shouldn’t be).

Also, now that I think about it browser compatibility might be an issue if you change the standard library willy nilly.

Fair enough, but I also think it’s really sad that the open source community, namely the web/JS community, is so averse to copyleft.

I haven’t checked but I am 99% sure that is licensed under MIT which is the darling license of the node ecosystem. When you do that you are basically opening yourself to being abused by corporations.

To be fair, if they’re just distributing the source code, not even AGPL can stop them, since they’re distributing the entire codebase, unchanged, under the same license. Plenty of other reasons not to use MIT, like you said it’s easy for corporations to exploit, but I don’t think this would have helped.

If I had to do something like that I would most likely copy paste the code from a stack overflow answer. Having a whole module for one small function seems ridiculous to me.

Moreover, the JS ecosystem is notorious for its use of helper libraries with a ton of primitives that you then use in your code so you don’t even need to deal with the standard library. The most famous and infamous being jQuery. This couldn’t have been rolled into one of those?

I mean, hasn’t this always been the case?

When countries like Vietnam and Venezuela were “”“attacked”“” (read, their own citizens got fed up with their government’s shit and decided to have a go at socialism), the vanguards of “democracy” NATO definitely felt the need to “save” them (which, the people of a country saying GTFO to a capitalist government and trying to implement socialism is probably the most democratic thing possible).

It seems to me that Tesla drivers literally think they’re greener than any other vehicle. Including busses, trains, maybe even bikes based on how they treat those on the road.

Yeah no. Between the oldest, crappiest diesel busses and trains and the newest Teslas, public transit still wins handily. That old bus probably has fewer cumulative carbon emissions than the battery alone.

Also, a mature cast iron pan very much has nonstick properties. I remember threads on Reddit about people freaking out that well meaning but misinformed people scrubbed the surface layer off their cast iron cookware, because that takes a long time to form and is essentially a natural nonstick coating.

the fediverse was using discord to run a hate campaign against the organization

Why do I doubt that if the Fediverse was going to run a hate campagin, they’d use Discord

This is an aggressively Japanese invention.

Interesting. Xiaomi (and Huawei IIRC) seem good about allowing bootloader unlocks as well, so will definitely have to look into this avenue.

This infantile business mismanagement and ego fest is brought to you by RAID: SHADOW LEGENDS!

I have no idea how any legal system can see overbooking and not immediately classify it as fraud. A ticket is a binding legal contract, yes? Saying that a service will be provided at a specific time? So if you intentionally sell tickets and you know for a fact you can’t honour all of them simultaneously, how are you not distributing fraudulent contracts, which is illegal?

“Train tickets cost three dollars?! That’s so expensive! Transit is so overpriced why would anyone use it?”

– Someone chained to a 10+ year payment plan on a $50,000 car.