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Comrades who write fiction or do worldbuilding, how worried are you about your work getting misinterpreted or readers drawing bad implications that you didn’t intend?
I may or may not have a reputation around here for being a communist, furry, and someone who does a lot of fiction writing and worldbuilding (which has largely been the last thing keeping me on Reddit because there isn't a large enough writer/worldbuilder community on Lemmy.) Well, this is something I've been thinking about this on and off about some of my works. Generally I try to put some socialist or leftist elements into my story premises since it's something I care about so much, but I also rarely have normal, human worlds where the ideology can be seamlessly fit into the setting without some heavy modification. Since I write mainly sci-fi and fantasy with non-human characters, it seems that since those premises are so far removed from reality, readers tend to almost instinctively draw tons of implications paralleling human society (I definitely do this as well whenever I read someone else's sci-fi or fantasy work), and to be honest I'm worried about people looking at my works, and thinking I'm trying to send a message that I absolutely didn't intend to. I write a lot of things that involve intelligent animals, especially predator and prey species trying to live in harmony despite their history. I've already gotten a few comments asking if my characters of different species represent human races or predator-prey tensions is akin to racism, which I never intended for these things to be interpreted this way (in fact, I've been interested this animals living harmony concept since I was a kid, long before I even knew what race and racism was). I think it also doesn't help that the well-known pop culture thing my world is compared to the most, Zootopia, does actually attempt to compare different species to human ethnicities and failed pretty hard at it with tons of bad implications in its message. But I'm not trying to do that at all, I genuinely just wanted to create a world where different species of animals live together and I just think it would make sense if different species of animals had their own culture, ways of doing things, governments that represent their unique interests, politics and political interactions with other species, etc; since different species obviously do have real biological differences that are relevant to how they live their lives (also, it should be noted that I'm also not claiming that the characters in this are infallable or live in a society that does everything right, but I feel that too many times when a story has a "good guy" organization or country/society that is seen by the characters as a good place to be, readers think the author wrote it that way because that's their idea of a *perfect* society with no major issues), which human ethnicity obviously do not have such differences since we're all the same species. Again I bring this up because I've literally been asked if this is trying to parallel real human racial issues which it is not (cause if it does, the unfortunate implication would be that human ethnicities *do* have differences and *should* have separate governments and). I just really love animals and want to use them in a meaningful way in my writing, and I don't even think comparing different species of animals to human ethnicities even makes sense precisely *because* different species have real biological differences, but it's not like I can make that known to the reader. What do you think of all this? Is unintended implications/interpretations of fictional works something to actually be concerned about? Do you concern about it when doing worldbuilding of your own? I'm mainly worried that people are going to assume that because I wrote a fictional story whose message was interpreted in a certain way, people are going to think I personally hold those opinions. Which, especially as a socialist who shouldn't be tolerating any form or degree of racism, do you think a risk of unfortunate race-related implications in a (somewhat overtly) leftist story would be problematic?

Anyone else think the Washington memorial looks like a giant dildo?

The joys of English language reporting about non-English language countries.

Should communists be using Tor for their communist communications?
I mean, there are a couple of major points against it: it was originally developed by the CIA, the US government still funds quite a bit of its development and upkeep, and it's intrinsically vulrnable to de-anonymization of traffic if a bad actor manages to control or spy on enough nodes (namely, if they are simultaneously spying on all of the nodes in your circuit), and the vast majority of Tor nodes are based in the US and EU, specifically the 5/9/14/69/420 eyes countries. Tor seems mainly intended for US intelligence use and also for political dissidents *against* socialist countries (or just any country the US hates). It's no coincidence that Tor traffic spikes from whatever country a colour revolution is taking place, like Iran and Russia as two recent examples, which is very apparent if you download Snowflake (which creates a small Tor entry node/bridge on your computer) and monitor which IP addresses are connecting to it. At the same time, we're also very explicitly political dissidents and therefore we absolutely need ways to protect our data privacy and security. So... Should communists, especially ones actively campaigning for socialism/communism, be using Tor to anonymize their traffic? I'd instinctively say no but thinking more about it I actually don't know for sure. Is there a risk it can be booby trapped for us. Are there any alternatives? Anyone familiar with Tor's architecture who's able to weigh in on how big a risk it is for us compared to benefit?

Which doesn’t inspire the most confidence in this article… Like, surely CRRC has at least a render of the prototype? Most likely an entire press kit with all kinds of glamour shots.

Regarding the TGV, the great thing about them from what I understand is that they can switch basically seamlessly between track types. So if you already have a well built out rail system, you can build a HSR gradually, then reroute onto existing lines at low speed as the high speed segments are completed.

I mean… That’s literally the strongest benefit of conventional rail, and it’s a massive benefit that makes this centuries old technology almost impossible to overthrow. The fact that as long as the gauge is correct, any train can run on any track is what makes rail so powerful and why non-rail trains are called “gadgetbahns”, aka “pointless” outside of the most niche and specific situations. The great thing about rail is that your only limitation is that you’re bound by either your train top speed or your track top speed, whichever is lower, and no patents or licensing that locks your transportation network into a single company.

This is why I have my doubts that maglev will actually be able to replace high speed rail for long distance transit in our lifetimes. It probably will replace rail eventually, but it might take a small eternity.

Also, isn’t Tor still funded by the US govt? I feel like of you wanted a honeypot, there is no better option than Tor which is already under your wing.

The reality is that there is NO completely anonymous network or proxy that can be 100% trusted. None. Because you have zero ways of independently verifying any of them. You’re better off, especially if you’re political dissident, using a network that might be/probably under surveillance from a country that aligns most with your ideology (Chinese networks if you’re a communist trying to push for communism in the West, for example). It’s a shame for us that it’s actually really hard to get access to a Chinese run VPN in the West. Don’t use a US-developed privacy network if you know the US is not going to like what you send on it is what I’m saying.

Swedish government*

All EU countries have surveillance laws pretty similar to the US yet no one seems to think it’s a problem.

Why are they showing the Japanese SCMaglev in the article? I want to see what the actual train they’re talking about looks like.

It’s an internal record for the country? Not everything needs to be better than the world to be a milestone, especially since speed records mean almost nothing for actual passenger service speeds and both trains will be operating much slower if they were in commercial operation. Both a French TGV and Chinese CRH train hit 500+ kmh on conventional rails, but those were test trains and obviously the models used will never do that speed in service.

Sometimes, but I don’t really like it. I have a sensitive stomach and alcohol upsets it a lot.

Thank you for the support and the advice.

I will not be flipping out at management or anything like some people on Reddit hinted that I should do, but from now on I will be perpetually busy outside of my schedule. And I’ll “suddenly” be enrolling in more courses at university and having more “friend and family gatherings” that I don’t want to miss. Also, I’ve decided that I need total concentration to practice my writing and programming skills on my own time, so I am not to be disturbed with notifications and emails outside of work hours (I use a work profile for my work apps so it’s dead simple to turn that off at end of shift).

Why should I put in extra effort into my job if you will not put in extra effort on taking care of me? I’ll do what is written down in our agreement, no more, no less.

I have made the decision right here and now that I will NEVER cover anyone else’s shift at my current job again.
I'm sitting here, at my WFH tech support call centre job, completely alone and unable to leave to so much as take a shit in my own bathroom two meters away from me. On a Saturday afternoon which is infamous for being busy around here. AGAIN. The other person who was supposed to be on shift called in sick last night, which let me be clear is 100% not his fault and I do not blame him, and the previous team signed out to leave me alone during the time with the most Karens and people who have no idea what they're calling me about (also not the previous team's fault, they have a schedule and weekend plans too). But what absolutely pisses me off is that no one from management said a word about someone being absent, it took me half an hour of being alone to figure that out. And of fucking course they didn't find anyone to cover for me, and they're not even here on the weekends so I'm totally alone when I totally didn't expect to be, at a time of day where even with the usual two people it can get busy. Not even an email saying "hey, you'll be alone from 3 PM to 6 PM so you might want to take your breaks before then." The thing is, I'm usually the one covering shifts. 4 out of 5 times I'm asked to cover or switch shifts or anything, I say yes, and the only times I didn't was once when I had classes and once when I was literally two hours from home, and I like to think I have a reputation for being agreeable and nice to people and wiling to change my schedule to help a colleague out. Like, I know employers take advantage of workers, everyone knows that, but this is the first real time in my career that I have seriously felt that the taking advantage was intentional and not just just "I have to work and sometimes it's harder work than usual." This has been happening for a while too, if this was the first time maybe I'd feel less pissed off. No, I was left alone for a long stretch of time on Thursday afternoon and Monday night shift too (thank fucking god that was Monday night shift and not Monday morning), and that's *just* this week, every week this month has had me by myself, against company policy which says two people are required at all times. Actually, funny story, I wrote an entire vent piece fiction/short story in a worldbuilding community about my characters going through an exaggerated version this because this is happening to me and I'm so goddamn frustrated. And of fucking course the day after I post that I get stuck with being alone on the worst possible timing yet. What's more, on Monday, I scrolled up in our company chat thread and what the fuck did I see? Someone informs my supervisor that my partner for the night is sick, which, again, she is very nice and I'm certain she really was sick and deserved time off, but then what the fuck does my manager reply? "Oh, that's fine, I'm sure (Fennekin) can handle it for a few hours!" Yeah fuck you, no really, I hate you. You're not even going to TRY to find someone else to cover for me? So you know what? Company, management, fuck all of you. I will NEVER cover a shift or switch shifts again. I will never skip breaks or stay late to help a customer again. You give me that email with my schedule every day and I will follow it to the second, and I don't give a shit what happens, I'm logged off and my notifications silenced the instant I'm off shift. And don't try to guilt me with the "think about your coworkers" line either, if I the mere fact that I am doing my job as you specified it in the schedule/contract makes them miserable enough to quit and leave you with no staff, that would be a dream come true for me and probably be massively beneficial to them in the long run by not having to deal with your exploitation!

He ate all the darkness with it.

Cuba no longer has any darkness. It is like living on the surface of the sun.

PSA: If you don’t absolutely need ARM or the really tiny form factor and can settle for higher power consumption, you can get a used Dell or Lenovo business PC from a few years ago for less than a new Raspberry Pi or even some of the higher end alternatives/clones but with similar computing power. Or something a lot more powerful for not that much more.

I really like their ultra-small form factor models. About the size of a coffee table book so not that much larger than a raspi with a case, and if you factor in the fairly high quality case, more I/O, active cooling, non-soldered CPU and RAM, and expansion through hard drive slots and M.2, it’s an even better value.

Isn’t this what the Chinese government wants to implement or has already implemented? At least for minors since they’re mainly worried about gaming addiction affecting childhood development.

Yep! Mostly on messaging platforms like Discord. We each play a few characters, and we go turn by turn each writing anywhere between one sentence to a paragraph to an entire page of text depending on the plot and everyone’s writing skills!

Mostly I just want to do literary roleplay for now (think Dungeons and Dragons but novelized and with talking bugs) with these concepts but I certainly want to write a chapatered web novel eventually. In fact, since roleplays can get very detailed, they can be and have been edited and adapted into novels.

Because anime is full of Mary sues that would die immediately if their plot armour is taken away

What kind of meth are they smoking

not meth, schoolgirl panties

Fiction, I’ve been getting back into Warrior Cats after forgetting about it since my childhood. Not suggesting it’s Shakespeare or that it doesn’t have plot issues, but I honestly like it. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and it also has animal characters both of which I love for a casual read. Currently re-reading my favourite parts of the old books but eventually I want to try the latest releases.

Nonfiction, I’ve been researching insect ecology and the perception of physics at tiny sizes for one of my fiction worldbuilding projects. Actually, my first worldbuilding project about talking bugs from when I was like 12 which I want to bring back and develop properly.

Bring it the fuck on you loli panty sniffers! You’ll get your kawaii ass handed to you by real soldiers.

Technically, all land vertibrates evolved from fish, make of that how you want.

How is this blessed? It’s still not all red.

How about playing as a Nazi U-Boat captain and engaging in actual war crimes?

Ironically, of course. Totally.

It’s basically confirmed that the DoD funds it.

For all I care, if a patient commits suicide because you told them they were faking their obvious mental illness, you’re guilty of negligent homicide.

That charge can and must be applied to a ton of Western doctors and punished accordingly.

Are they still owned by Microsoft? If so, zero chance in hell they’re letting you sideload a ROM.

Some carrier locked non iPhone non Android “proto smartphone” piece of shit with an even more proprietary app store than those two (the servers are definitely long dead). Still have to find it.

Might have been one of Blackberry’s hail Mary attempts to make their own smartphone OS, I forget.

I still vehemently believe that HS was made up. It’s wayyyyy too convenient that only Western people, almost all of which in embassy/intelligence/military, experienced symptoms exclusively in countries they hate. You think if there’s a sonic weapon there would be at least one case of “collateral damage” as the West likes to call people affected by their own war crimes.

This made me think! I still have a smart ish phone with a qwerty keyboard! And I type a lot on phones! Gonna see if I can load PostMarket OS on it and see what it’s like writing long rants and roleplay responses on it compared to touchscreen!

Nokia G22 has removable back and standard screws allowing battery swap in less than five minutes at home

Is the bar this low now? That’s not a “DIY repairable phone”, that’s a “phone that meets the bare minimum for non user-hostile hardware”.

Gonna replace them with the most fucking generic wall “art” that looks like they were bought from Bed Bath & Beyond probably.

Speaking from experience at my local hospital.

Do you believe Mass Psychogenic Illness exists?
Known colloquially as "mass hysteria" (which is now considered a non-PC term), it's one of the most controversial formally named diseases/diagnosis. MPI is basically where multiple people in the same place simultaneously or in rapid succession experience sudden delusions, psychosis, or other mental issues of a similar nature to each other. Notable examples include the dancing sickness in Medieval Germany where people in a town suddenly got a severe urge to jump up and down in the streets, some doing it until they literally died from exhaustion, as well as the laughing sickness of Tanganyika, where a number of children suddenly started laughing uncontrollably. It's said to be triggered spontaneously by things like severe collective stress (for example, the stress of living in a medieval town or a country actively pushing for independence from Britan). For some cases, it may also be due in part to exposure to neurotoxic pollutants, like the infamous ergotism that also caused the Salem Witch Trials. It can start with a single person going into psychosis and triggering similar symptoms in people around them who see the strange behaviour. It also tends to resolve spontaneously after some time, or some cases are resolved by things like exorcism rituals through the placebo effect and the sufferers believing that the "treatment" would help. I've even heard some theories that MPI is responsible for things like miracles supposedly seen performed by religious figures throughout history, or in more modern times, mass sightings of UFOs and paranormal activity. Do you think this disease is a real thing? Or do all the documented cases have a different underlying cause that we simply haven't discovered?

What the fuck?

Wait, does that also mean that if you’re a sperm donor, and someone willingly uses your sperm, they can then claim child support from you since the court apparently considers you one of the parents.

Mostly on Discord. Like, multiple paragraphs per message back and fourth with out of character discussion and planning. It’s serious business lol, if you find the right roleplay partner you can write a novel length story fairly easily. Have plans to eventually polish some of the better ones into published web series on Wattpad or elsewhere.

Always happy to roleplay with more people by the way! (hint hint for anyone reading this) Doesn’t have to be on Discord, Matrix works fine too as does most other messaging apps. I’ve even RP’d fairly serious stories in Reddit’s DMs!

Actually doing a literary roleplay in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon world where we’re trying to decolonize the Mystery Dungeons. No, I’m serious.

More like “flavor removed to cut costs due to inflation” and the price still rose.

I just found this hilarious. Taste of your own capitalist medicine.

BREAKING: Uyhgur organ harvesting isreal but is happening in Massachusetts

Hey, united Ireland though. Small victories?