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Why is sopuli.xyz doesn’t show up at join-lemmy?
I mean, when you want to find a server to join, sopuli used to be there, but now it's gone.

Something like this exists for peertube already, I didn’t look at their code but one might be able to fork it to work with other platforms.

I know that the UI isn’t as appealing as Discord, but Mumble is a decent option if you host your own server or trust the host. (Not e2ee but it’s clients server encrypted. Claimed reason)

Not that stable yet. They’re planning to rewrite most of their stuff

The problem isn’t with the private routers. Cities can spread “free Wi-Fi” all over the place just as an excuse…

I couldn’t really get it from the link, but IMO It depends how well it can distinguish human characteristics. If one can roughly illustrate a person based on that info, it’s REALLY bad news. If you only get boolean result from it about something being at an area, it’s not as bad.

Edit: nvm, we are fucked

Mastodon have fedareted trending hashtag system, it’s not exactly what you’re looking for but its pretty close.

Bro, chill out. Wasn’t it easier just to answer the question and give facts that he couldn’t disproof? Also, like @Helix@feddit.de said, you made so many assumptions based of absolutely nothing. That’s maybe how Facebook works, but don’t bring it here please.

Yep. Because let’s be honest, most of the people that transferred to mastodon haven’t done that based on privacy reason.

I should mention I only tested their gaming series, so it might be it.

I can’t bring myself to support Razer after their poor QC on their Kraken headset series. AFAIK their kraken headsets has this issue to this day.

BTW, I never heard about that double clicking thing with Logitech before and my Logitech mouses survive years of abuse without an issue, so I stick by their side when needed.

I think something big should happen sitewide for making redditors searching for an alternative and find Lemmy. It wouldn’t happen in Twitter’s case for example if Elon wouldn’t do such critical mistakes by his side.

I’m starting to think it’s a trolling account that intentionally posts bad articles lol

This article feels so generic. Where’s the info about instances (except briefly mention it, and not even directly)? Where the info about ActivityHub and the ability of using different platforms in the fediverse (even if it’s not full compatible with each other) from your account at a specific platform in the fediverse? It’s just missing key features that should be introduced when presenting the goodness of the fediverse.

I’m still glad Fedi gets more attention tho.

What’s your reason of using kbin when you’re already using Lemmy as Reddit alt?

Peertube has a meta search engine that searchs a lot of instances together. I wish Lemmy had it too

Peertube has a meta search engine that searchs a lot of instances together. I wish Lemmy had it too.

Yep. only reddit/Lemmy for now filling that niche afaik

Don’t do it on android tho, FF sites are not isolated, you better use Bromite or Brave for those shady sites.

debate platform

How would it be different from Lemmy (at the rights posts&communities)?

Do you guys know a single person who uses Wi-Fi only? Because I don’t lol. You don’t want your carrier to collect data? Use VPN all the time and don’t use regular SMS and calls, but e2e alternatives like Signal offers.

  • Mull + searxNG for general browsing +uBO
  • Chromium based browser (brave/bromite) + searxNG for websites that you feel you need process isolation while using them (so they can’t see other website’s cookies, etc.)

Naraka bladepoint, Rainbow six siege, Paladins.

Better conclusion: switch to Firefox :)

Me too, unless it’s hot food that getting cold real fast

I looked briefly at their website and I really couldn’t find their advantage over reddit or lemmy for example. Also, their demo somewhat reminded me of quara lol

AlliExpress! Omg the mobile website is horrible

What’s the problem? My dog love that

That’s so dumb, at least WhatsApp is e2ee. Using SMS these days is just asking for trouble lol

That’s fucked up. At least no one uses SMS anymore lol. Honestly I think we should use apps only when nessesary, and just use websites instead. They’re all mobile compatible anyway

IDK about how the big tech corps takes adventage of it, but in general I think that’s an important concept. Here’s an example why:

Let’s say you developed a website that charge some money for a service, obviously you developed a server side and a client side. While the user have access to the client side, he can’t even reach the server side files. If someone would’ve steal your server side files and share them online, no one will use your service, that you worked hard on inventing it and implement it, any more. That’s a theft, and copyrights laws are suppose to help us make sure it’s illegal to do so.

Lineage os + microg, firefox and searx for starters.