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piped is also another sure fire thing.

Nobody cares about either of our “sterotypical” man expediences, you missed the point and now you are trying to fight on a whole other personal issue because you wanna be right. Congrats, you won an internet debate i guess.

The problem is not in being a man or a woman the problem is dictating what a man and a woman are through products. It is restrictive, if you were trying to look womanly you would need to wear a dress and use very sweet smelling perfume, if you’re a man you can’t cry and be vulnerable, you gotta play videogames more than care for your wife, hate your mother in law and hate your marriage. These are harmful and restrictive things, people are people despite their gender or sexuality, judge them as people.

Please actually read the legislation. Hate Speech is there as a way to make you face consequences of your actions

What is the status quo that he is somehow challenging?

It is way too restrictive, they could have just made gift cards based on categories instead of Gender. Even more on a market that now questions the necessity of the ever more restrictive and dehumanizing box of “man” and “woman”