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  • i agree with everything you’ve said including your links between causation etc

    except the final link you make that its the consumer, i note you said ‘partly’ a consumer issue, so its not a full attribution - perhaps i’m misinterpreting what % you’re attributing.

    tbh my take is alot of people would like an option between paying $2 for a garment they know involved exploitation/slavery vs an accessible1 independent option that doesn’t cost $500/garment.

    i don’t think people are still choosing the $2 option because they’re ok with slavery. but (tragically?) they’re more ok with someone else being the slave vs them being the slave - which is what they’d basically be if every piece of clothing cost them $500.

    and i think we know the reason there’s very little accessible options in between is because the game is rigged, you (HelixDab2) can’t realistically enter the game without serious capital behind you (ie. wealth/connections) to reach the volume prices which might give us an option in between - the market isn’t fair, its been stitched up long ago, by the same people who don’t produce anything and greedily skim off the top.

    the venn diagram of independent designers fairly charging $500 for their labor and the greedy skimmers getting fat without producing anything themselves is two separate circles - they’re worlds apart

    1 Quick note on accessibility, there are ofc some scant options between $2-500, but what isn’t clear (ie. readily accessible) to the consumer is which of those options isn’t just some greedy bastard buying a $2 option and selling it on for $15.

  • this is the (un)fortunate reality.

    unfortunate in that keeping a modern browser up to date is a serious task when you need to compete with the agenda and scale of google etc

    fortunate in that its a relatively simple solution, the community needs to fund the software.

    its tough though as i can imagine if they pulled the kind of popup shit wikipedia does, it will just drive people away. what people don’t realise ofc is that with chrome you are paying for it (with your data), but for some reason they’re not viewed in the equivalent light.

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    Thanks, do you know if/where we can download the full phind source including the full models, training data etc? To run 100% offline?

    edit: for anyone reading this thread, YOU CAN’T. it’s not currently opensource. and afaik there is no concrete timeline for it to be opened, other than sometime “down the road”.

    to be clear, i definitely agree we have the creative nerd factor the corporations lack, but unfortunately there’s been a bit of trading on ‘open’ while still being very closed in the “AI” world, really hope this doesn’t turn out to be another example of that.