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People may dislike it for the specifics of the story but at least the premise is very interesting. I lost interest 75% through the first book but would love to read a synopsis of the story.

I find it really funny that his name is Lee Camp and his liberal detractors accuse him of adhering to Campism which is unrelated to his last name.

The article says that they have a simulation software in which they simulated American warships advancing despite repeated warnings.

I hope they are underselling their capabilities here. If they can reliably guarantee against US intervention in the region it would be huge.

Everything must make a profit unless you are an airline corporation. Then it’s an endless cycle for going bust and getting bailed out with public wealth.

There are specialised book scanners that have a V shaped platform that you can put the book on then an overhanging camera can scan the page. This prevents the binding from being harmed. However they are very expensive and most likely you wouldn’t want to buy them for just one book.

My university library had these scanners. Maybe you can find an arrangement like this.

On the other hand, if you want to use a flatbed scanner, you can unbind the book, scan the pages individually then get it bound again.

I played the new Zelda game for a bit then dropped it to do a second playthrough of Elden Ring. Enjoying it so far.

Mastodon allows you to block an instance too. Maybe Pixelfed allows it too?

I’ve always seen per-house solar panels to supplement the energy requirement which is mostly met through conventional means. Do you have an example of “decentralised solar and wind” energy meet the needs completely?

I haven’t read any science books except two.

“Not in Our Genes” by Lewontin et al was very good. It is a bit old but wise beyond its years on the topic of how the mainstream foray into genetics was often a cudgel to reinforce classist, racist, etc. biological determinist ideas.

Then there was a book related to covid that was published by Monthly Review. It helped open my eyes about how factory farming of animals creates conditions that are conducive to the evolution of deadly pathogens. But it was just a collection of related essays that had a common theme but were not converging towards a specific point so I didn’t find it memorable. The writing was pretty dramatic (not in a good way). As such I can’t recall the book’s title.

Pop science books are usually oversimplified to the point of being useless. Sapiens is warm trash juice for example.

Edit: I have also read The Selfish Gene by Dick Dawkins. Its hypothesis is that the gene is the basic unit of natural selection is IMO very interesting. I wonder if it has influenced natural sciences in some way but I don’t know how to check that. The book is also historic for coining the term “meme”.

Because capitalism and plastic is cheaper. Corporations like Coca Cola (single largest plastic polluter) perpetuate recycling because it lets them off the hook for creating a tremendous amount of plastic waste to package diabetes and tooth decay in a bottle.

Not what you are thinking about but I really like statically generated pages like teddit, libreddit, nitter etc. do.

It feels odd hearing messages like this. The assumption seems to be that we can have a world exactly as we do today except that energy needs are met by renewables rather than fossil fuels which seems unlikely.

Sorry but I don’t know anything about it. First time hearing that name.

Notion is just more popular but both are viable options.

There is a place in toronto where you can walk a lobster on a leash before it is killed and prepared for you

No it’s not because of white supremacy but because they are part of the European broadcasting conglomerate that only white majority countries are a part of.

Komrade Putin is taking the heat away from China. Just check it out: https://reddit.invak.id/r/worldnews/

At the time of writing it is chock full of Russophobia. The streak is only broken by an article about climate deniers insulting meteorologists. After that it is anti Russia stuff again.

If you look at some microcosms inside a capitalist arrangement the analogy still holds. I read one about advertisements how they have metastasised like tumours and are encroaching every inch of room in every concievable medium day by day.

I booted up /r/worldnews today because I was bored and couldn’t sleep.

Big mistake.

I am not exaggerating. About 7 to 10 of the top posts were anti-Russia stuff. I was for some reason thinking that they would have put this war on the back burner but I was wrong.

The “it checks out” part probably throws the readers off the loop

I know just one guy who did (mark zuckerberg)

I’m taking about instant noodles. There are Korean ones I found recently that are extremely spicy. They are called nongshim or something like that. Soya chunks I just buy from the store and chuck them in the water as it is boiling.

Super spicy Korean noodles with soya chunks for protein

What if Michael Parenti was a podcaster…
There is this YouTube channel called The Michael Parenti Library which has a bunch of Parenti lecture videos. I ripped the audio from them, did some very minor processing and uploaded them as a podcast. So if you want you can listen them through whatever podcast app you use (if you use one). Spotify link: https://open.spotify.com/show/0xKKAAcZUgnlg88k1KXKee RSS feed: https://anchor.fm/s/ddf4dbd8/podcast/rss

Someone explain to my why TikTok is whooping Alphabet/Meta ass
There is [this TikTok clip](https://proxitok.pussthecat.org/@feleciaforthewin.bts/video/7209794988983684398?_t=8atuOui3rQz&_r=1) suggesting that the currently ongoing TikTok Senate hearings are a result of media campaign paid for by Meta because they could not compete. If this is true, why cannot they compete with TikTok? I know there are YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels. Why don't they do as well?

Test youtube link

In light of Seymour Hersh’s exposé of the US bombing of NordStream pipelines, I am reminded of the brain deprived insane liberals that constantly alleged that Russia did it
[This is the article I am talking about.](https://seymourhersh.substack.com/p/how-america-took-out-the-nord-stream) Every circumstantial evidence and common sense argument would suggest that the US was to gain the most from this attack. But deranged liberals of all ranks, from mainstream "journalists" to the rabid NATO defenders of lemmy.ml, tried to gaslight you into thinking that at best the jury was still out on who did it and at worst accused Russia for doing it even though they stood to lose the most because of the outcome.

“In Russia? Please read this.”
Recently ran into someone'e personal website. This is the footer on it: ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/a393debb-45ec-470f-a844-ef7c262af1df.png) Clicking on the hyperlink takes you to: ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/18d60f69-330c-4a12-ba65-cb80e1bc24e9.png) This gave me the idea to add a similar prompt directed towards Americans that links to: https://dessalines.github.io/essays/us_atrocities.html

I didn't know that the American Christian movie industry had the resources, time or know-how to make a knockoff of Finding Nemo. I guess it makes sense considering it's the religion of choice of the settler population there and is used as a cudgel to enforce "American values" or whatever.

If I sleep mid day I wake up after sunset I become incredibly depressed
Not sure why. I feel it's because I feel that the day was been squandered.

In Android 12, is there a way to prevent specific apps from running the background?
Title. I tried searching but couldn't find a simple solution.

The authors of node-ipc have pushed malware in an update, which wipes your disk if you happen to have Russian or Belorussian IP address.
It is a javascript library. Obviously people are super mad about it. Check out the issues page: https://github.com/RIAEvangelist/node-ipc/issues