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  • I’m going to say the same thing that I said about the Polish incident. That incident only happened because Russia chose to attack Ukraine in an area directly bordering on another country. Izmail is also right across the border. I’ll wait on more dependable sources for an investigation, and I’m certainly not agitating for an escalation on NATO’s side. At the same time, if Russia’s bombing campaign ultimately results in foreseeable casualties outside of the country, I put the blame on Russia. Ukraine has the right to defend itself.

  • If you look at Hillary’s broader statements, she has always favored universal single-payer healthcare. She worked her ass off to get a plan passed in 1994, and she was relentlessly attacked for it.

    The last time Democrats got successful movement on healthcare was March 2010 with a filibuster proof Democratic majority in the Senate, a majority in the House, and a popular new president in the White House. Even then, only a relatively tepid compromise bill was passed, with even the “public option” stripped out (thanks Joe Lieberman).

    Will conditions change in the future? Quite possibly, especially as our health care becomes increasingly unaffordable. Maybe it’s not so helpful to have senior politicians telling voters something is impossible and potentially affecting the Overton Window. But Hillary’s warning, that Bernie Sanders’ plan hadn’t a chance of getting passed, was a good reality check.

  • Hong Kong was always going to happen because that was an agreed upon conclusion. China violated promises that it made (one country, two systems my ass), but Hong Kong was a part China. Taiwan has never been under the control of the current government of mainland China. At this point Taiwan would likely be a separate country if it didn’t have China’s dagger at its throat telling it that even a breath of declaring independence will result in immediate invasion.

  • The president is a civilian and other decisions ultimately lie in civilian hands. While it’s common for presidents to have some level of service in some form of armed forces, it’s usually low ranking. There are some notable exceptions: Washington, Eisenhower, and Grant. So yes, killing them is political violence. But targeting leaders in the armed forces is not.

    And yes, Iran fought ISIS, a lot of players held common cause against ISIS. Cool. Doesn’t excuse what they’ve done elsewhere.