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  • Quintus@lemmy.mltoAndroid@lemdro.idApp Manager
    29 days ago

    My phone’s rooted so my use cases are:

    • Disabling network access for certain apps
    • Backing up and restoring app data, apk, rules etc.
    • Task manager
    • Can use intents to create shortcuts (never really tried though)
    • View an app’s activities and create shortcuts for those

  • That my view is narrow

    Yes. Your view is narrow. You do not care about the technical details and just label Firefox as “bad/broken” because you do not know how to work with it. That is a pretty narrow view. You do not care about the idealogical reasons that people bring up in here either.

    and that developers somehow can’t have narrow views.

    I am expecting a person that is talented enough to be a developer to not have narrow views.

  • With all due respect, I disagree. As long as people that are uneducated on sex exist there will always be children born. And there will always be uneducated people around. So we are covered on that.

    I think what your mother implies by her words is that no one’s life will be perfect. I’m an optimistic person so that is total bullshit to me. What I’m asking for is far from perfection. I really do not think being financially stable/independent and being away from my parents is a lot to ask for.

  • This is a complicated question. I hate kids. Multiple. They are loud, dumb. But when there’s only one kid, I actually really like interacting with them! It’s so much fun to forget who I am for a moment and play games with a kid! I love teaching new things to them and seeing them try them out.

    I will only “have” a kid when the conditions are ideal. That being, finacially stable and away from my family. I do not want them to corrupt the kid’s mind with their religion bullshit. A partner for me is not neccesary. I also plan on adopting a kid rather than making one. Infant or a kid? I’m uncertain.