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  • Some beat them up: tmnt, streets of rage 4

    Also since you did not mention playing remotely or not (although there are ways around that: parsec, steam remote play together…) almost any couch coop game: overcooked, moving out, unrailed…

    Edit: all of those I cited have a online multiplayer mode I think, for overcooked the AYCE edition contains all of the first edition content but brings online MP amongst other things

  • Maybe because of the startup time of your dB? Try to delay the start of the app or make sure your dB is ready to accept connections before launching it.

    Also did you try a manual connection to the dB using the creds used by the app? Just to be sure, thinking you know and having verified that you know are two different things.

    On a side note, having multiple containers for the same apps is the way microservices are supposed to work.