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Hoffentlich bedeutet das nicht, dass Leute die noch keine Berührung mit dem Fediverse hatten draußen bleiben.

Swear words that are mainly used as interjections (shit, crap) aren’t that bad IMO. Slurs like wh*re are usually targeted someone.

No, it’s not. The best thing you can do at the moment is to provide options and ask people to upvote them.

it would be better to adopt animals in need rather than create new animals.

⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆ 100% ⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆

The other day I had a conversation with someone who also rejects breeding but said that (female) dogs should give birth at least once in their life (because they read, it would lower uterus cancer risk). Almost as if people (even after a pandemic) still did not understand exponential growth.

Yep, gotta clean up the mess we left as humanity. We can not abandon them while they need us. Yet breeders should be absolutely illegal.

No clue there either. I can’t open either on Mastodon. So perhaps more of a Mastodon problem than a Lemmy problem?

If the desired community on a remote instance is not already available on your home server, then you have to paste the URL (e.g. https://lemmy.helvetet.eu/c/sverige) to the search field. Your server will then fetch the community and it should appear after a couple of seconds!

I think it is automatic. It starts crawling other instances starting from lemmy.ml, so it should appear soon, since your instance is listed under their lemmy.ml/instances. I don’t know the periodicity of crawls though.

That is easy to answer. Porn or gore do not belong to the Technology community. I don’t mind what they do in dedicated communities and servers.

You could also use approve-first method for registration if you still want to be open for new users. This brought down spam to nearly zero on feddit.de

Most of them were badly moderated, trolls signed up there and then flooded federated instances with nazi insignia and fecal porn. You probably won’t have to worry about being blocked as long as you keep spam, scam and trolls out :)

Here they list them:


EDIT: shoutout to the madlad who donated $1,000!

You’re welcome! I agree with you. Maybe someone opens an issue on Github, because this happens quite frequently.

Aegis - TOTP (alternative to Google Authenticator)

Reloading doesn’t work for me. I usually have to close the tab and open lemmy again in a new one.

Deepin is great too. Unfortunately it is not fully translated so that you come across Chinese quite often.

So it didn’t solve the problem? Is English enabled too?

I am on team Total Animal Liberation (but also have a dog)

Finde ich irgendwie unangenehm, dass man sehen kann wem was gefällt. Wie ist das eigentlich mit Downvotes?

Oh yeah totally forgot about that. It is actually pretty cool that I can share my totally legally obtained e-books from my account at example.org with bob@example.net without a public link :D

Ich könnte mir vorstellen die Experience ist etwas besser wenn man vorwiegend mit der Lemmy Welt kommuniziert, Mastodons UI ist durch seinen Fokus auf Einzelpersonen vielleicht nicht so übersichtlich (Threadansicht in den Kommentaren und so) ^^

Von Mastodon aus kann man Lemmy Communities folgen und dort posten und kommentieren.

Mostly Safari since I am part of the golden cage anyway. If something does not work there, I fall back to Firefox.

It really comes down to what kind of social media you are looking for. Pleroma and Mastodon are people focused (i.e. you follow people, not topics), while Lemmy focuses on communities/topics. Kbin is somewhere in between, you can both create post on an individual timeline and in communities, but Kbin is still relatively new.

Personally, I like Lemmy most (though Kbin might become interesting in the future). The great thing about the fediverse is that you can post with your account anywhere (with some limitation between different services) so it does not matter if you are on lemmy.ml or feddit.de or beehaw.org.

You are right! But there is a plugin for Nextcloud that allows to create and view posts like in Mastodon. (it is very underwhelming though)


There are many other services like Friendica, Kbin or Peertube. Maybe the following graphic gives some insight

Welcome 👋

You can post and comment with your account on any post or community on any server as long as the servers are federating. For example I have my account on feddit.de but I am now commenting here on lemmy.ml.

Usually you can just search for a community in the search bar and then create posts there or browse their posts and comment.

For new communities on different instances, they have to be “discovered” first by pasting the URL to the search field. For example if you want your server to list the hamburg community from feddit.de you copy https://feddit.de/c/hamburg and then paste it to the search bar. Then it is accessable to all users of your server.

I hope that helps a bit understanding how it works. If something is not clear just ask ^^

Check in your settings if you selected languages there. You should enable there Undetermined (i.e. posts that are not tagged with a language) and whatever language you would like to see (e.g. English).

With the AR headset I hope it will be like with the AirPods. First they’ll make fun of how ridiculous it looks and then it becomes mainstream.

May I ask what happened to your plan regarding moving to Kbin? It probably does not make sense to accept new accounts when they are wiped again soon.

Multiple open tabs result in strange behaviour
Today I noticed an interesting bug in lemmy-ui. If you open a post in one tab and then open a new tab where you subscribe to a different community, the sidebar and "target community" of the post in the previous tab will be updated to the newly subscribed community. However, this only happens when you subscribe to remote communities. I suspect the reason for this is that the FollowCommunityResponse is sent to both websockets of the open tabs. I don't know if the upcoming removal of the websocket API will make this bug a non-issue, so I haven't reported it on Github. :::spoiler Expand for some screenshots ![](https://feddit.de/pictrs/image/4a4f1669-e16d-44e3-bc98-30562f8b87c3.png) ![](https://feddit.de/pictrs/image/394d2d6f-4510-4f99-bb3e-ef3e4e0b869f.png) ::: (Browser is Firefox 113.0.2 btw)

Github sometimes returns a 500, but after reloading it often works

:::spoiler Meinung Fänd ich sehr vernünftig, wenn man als Privatperson, die ihre Meinung bloggt, seine Adresse nicht für jeden sichtbar machen muss. Wird nur leider nicht kommen :( :::