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My name originates from this song.

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Everyone is happy.

Except for nations and religions that celebrate their holidays on a 29th/30th/31st. And businesses because they like accounting in periods smaller than a year like quarters or semesters while 13 is a prime number (still possible but not really neat). Unfortunately.

I’d still root for the International Fixed Calendar though.

Wohl wahr. Die eigentliche Frage ist wohl auch eher warum die so drauf sind ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Kann die CSU eigentlich auch was anderes als nur Müll von sich zu geben?

I think it is good that Lemmy does not show the total score which, I believe, reduces this effect a little bit.

A somewhat related behaviour is voting based on the score, e.g. downvoting a deeply negative comment. I fell for this too and I am so glad that you can disable the displaying of the score so that the only thing that matters is content.

And the moral of the story? Trans people, get armed!

Just a few lines below your quote on Wikipedia there is a possible answer:

During subsequent years, the group was generally vilified by conservative and religious critics who claimed that the Illuminati continued underground and were responsible for the French Revolution.

Elites being afraid of change that would threaten their power. So they make up propaganda to discredit their enemies.

I used to run gotify too, especially for UnifiedPush, but it was quite unreliable for me. Nowadays I’m using ntfy which works flawlessly.

What programming languages are you looking for?

Since you are currently learning Elm, there is the Go library Bubble Tea which took inspiration from Elm’s architecture. Another option for Go would be tview.

Otherwise, you could find a list of libraries in the awesome-tuis repo.

Afaik only text is replicated and images are only hosted at the server (more specifically the pictrs instance) where it was uploaded. However, I don’t know about the legal implications of linking to possibly illegal content.

ForgeFed, Forgefriends, Forgeflux, Gitea federation, Vervis, Pagure, the Friendly Forge Format, and so on.

Wow, impressive that there are already so many initiatives I never heard of.

I don’t even think it would be too bad to mix it on a server since users have the possibilities to block whole communities (in contrast to servers which can only be done by admins for all users). Though I find your concern regarding moderation relatable. Maybe a feature for the admin panel would be nice where you can specify comminities/servers that are not shown in the All timeline or where all posts are marked as NSFW by default (if there is not such a feature yet)

we had to remove the Bitwarden instance for the time being, to review the flood of responses coming in to us from the community regarding information about the purpose behind Lemmy via the creators

What the heck? It’s free software and a specific detail about free software is that it may be used for any purpose regardless of the authors ideas. That’s some serious fucked up witch hunt.

Chicken or the egg problem. Many people want a lot of (quality) content and diverse content comes from many people.

:::spoiler Meinung Fänd ich sehr vernünftig, wenn man als Privatperson, die ihre Meinung bloggt, seine Adresse nicht für jeden sichtbar machen muss. Wird nur leider nicht kommen :( :::