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Best flag in Europe and I can’t believe that trans got the whole country while aces get nothing😭

Good choice, It’s a shithole, I was temp suspended one time and then permanently for literally nothing, didn’t even get a reason.

Idk to be honest, currently watching movies, following this madness in Ukraine and waiting FnaF movie, it’s really depressing here.

It stayed from reddit and I didn’t bother to change it, it was originally named because of well, Kirby and whip because I like whips, and because of this image:

And 1987 is because of the Bite of 87.

Almost everyone became complete psychos here in the last few years, I don’t remember being it like this, minus the classic open nazis, church etc and people who support that. Now we have hordes protesting who say that literal massacres and mass shootings are caused by TV shows and games ‘‘which need to be banned’’ while talking about nothing other than ‘‘falling population problem’’ because of’‘women killing millions of kids by abortion’'.

Everyone is out of their fucking minds!

Breaking Bad reference, but that’s not the worst… There are literal incest, gore and pedophilic subs that are not banned or talked about at all and are still up! Along with all other lib and openly nazi and genocidal ones.

Bro his yankee kill count is in hundreds, he’s gotta be one of the biggest chads in 20th century, how can we be like him😭🇻🇳

I thought that everyone calls them imperialists?

Besides, that’s a term made up by USA right wingers along with ‘‘deep state’’ etc, I despise those terms.

Best: Joseph Stalin, Nikola Tesla, Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Francis Ford Copolla, George Lucas, Cillian Murphy and Christopher Nolan

Worst: Barack Obama, Elon Musk, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg, J.K. Rowling and Margaret Thatcher.

Fictional: Bruce Wayne, Sherlock Holmes, Heisenberg, Gus Fring, Anakin Skywalker, Michael Corleone, Wednesday, Kyoko Kirigiri and Nick Furry.

Til that explosions were invented in movies and can only be made with CGI effects.

Wtf is with mass downvotes again
A number of posts have 50+ downvotes, what is happening again, didn't we solve this?

Not civilians ofc, government buildings and army, every single one of them, command posts, bases, every single weapon sent before it even arrives, push like in the beginning and end it right then and there.

It’s absolutely exhausting how conservatives and religious nuts call literally everything they don’t like ‘‘satanic’’, now it’s time to give it to em for real

I feel like it would be nazi parade at this point

You can’t debate nazis, that’s the point.

Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul the GOATS, then Game of Thrones, Lucifer and Hannibal

Ukraine currently has 27 million population at best, they lost about 16 million people in a year including migrants, deaths, annexations of 4 Oblasts etc, they can’t keep up for much longer.

Not the nuclear of course, normal bombs on government buildings, every single one of them and wipe the army completely.

Can Ukraine just fucking lose already?
I'm so fucking tired of all of this, they literally attempted to hit Kremlin with drone before a week and Russia still didn't curb stomp them for some reason. Hundreds are dying in Donbas still, this has been going on since 2014, Donbas is still not free, soldiers are dying, I don't even know at this point. What's the problem in just evaporating Kiev, clown and his neo nazi regime and be done with it? I don't even know how their army is still functionally operating after all the weapons and infrastructure destroyed and crippled, hundreds of thousands of soldiers killed and hundreds dying daily. Hordes of nazis on the internet and news don't show signs of stopping of talking about Ukraine 24/7 even after more than a year of this madness. I literally can't take it anymore, when will this end?

Wait he was a psycho? I hear some stuff about him, but didn’t knew that he was a psycho, I need a bit of context.

Wait till you hear about Serbia, at least 20+ non related shit in totally different places happening in 2 days: school shooting, mass shootings, bar fights, gun threatening, arrestings over gun, bomb, other weapon and drug possessions, senseless violence in streets, riots, kids threatening school shootings, traffic crashes and incidents, multiple knife attacks, car theft, random fence falling and collapsing on someone, attempted murders, suicide attempts… ALL OF THIS IN 2 DAYS!

And forever set the tradition of killing tens of trillions with comically large spoon!

Agree, just look and think about themselves and no one else, also outdoor ones kill too many dinosaurs, both birds and reptiles.

If it’s the one from China, I think she killed her husband if I remember correctly.

Nazi cesspit of Europe, suicide puppets, bros who think they country and og puppets

NATO - North Atlantic Terrorist Organization

DEA - Dumbass Egotistical Assholes

Jurassic Park.

And Godzilla 2014, 2019, Kong: Skull Island and Godzilla vs Kong are among the best ever!

What’s going on in Sudan?
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2023_Sudanese_clashes I heard that RSF has ties with Wagner, is this true and who should we support?

Ukraine’s population is completely crippled
Ukraine's population in 2021 was about 43 million, currently, it says that population is 36 million. ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/5e2064c2-cbec-4886-a93f-27fed6f3f2e4.png) This is of course the most optimistic data they have, this is nowhere near truth, let's look at facts. Officially, there is 8,1 million migrants, even Wikipedia says this, so that's instantly 35 million, then the annexations of 4 Oblasts by Russia: Donetsk, Lugansk, Zaporizhzhia and Kherson. From data from 2020, Donetsk Oblast had a population of 4,132 million, Lugansk Oblast 2,136 million, Zaporizhzhia Oblast 1,687 million and Kherson Oblast 1,028 million, when we combine those numbers, we get a number of about 8,483 million, and than we have 27 million! And this is not counting those who died or missing and idk if they even properly counted Crimea in Russia in population census. So in short, Ukraine went from a population of about 43 million to less than 27 million in 1 YEAR and [UN projects that it will never recover](https://www.intellinews.com/un-projects-ukraine-s-population-will-never-recover-from-war-254300/), it seems that phrase to the last Ukrainian is really true, to think that this could have been avoided for them if clown just signed to give Donbas, not join North Atlantic Terrorist Organization and preserve neutrality...

What will happen to Ukrainian migrants and Russian deserters in other countries after war?
Tens of thousands of Ukronazis and Russian deserters from war came in Serbia, all of them reactionary like when they did in 1917 in Yugoslavia, but thankfully, something happened in 1945 and thanks to Tito we didn't have a problem with them anymore. But now the same thing and they are acting like they are in their own homes and are treated nicely by government while immigrants from Middle East and Roma who need help more than ever are treated like trash by government and people alike!!! I hate and can't stand seeing nazis, fascists and westoid bootlicking cowards here while people who need help as soon as possible because of westoids are treated like this. Every now and then Ukronazis do some shit, paint their shitty symbols somewhere which thankfully get vandalized and removed/painted/destroyed fast, drive fast somewhere, crying and pissing crocodile tears about how they are ''so poor'' while arriving in Maybachs and whatnot , Russian deserters crying and whining how ''they HAD to run'' like sheeps from wolves and how ''eBiL their gObErMeNt is because of saving Donbas civilians from attempted genocide''. Like we don't have enough of people like that already and we needed more. Prices for everything jumped abnormally high as soon as they came! I just want them gone along with fascists we already have and they can go to Germany, France, UK or wherever they are going and leave us and rest of ex-Yugoslavia in peace to help the people in need and ourselves. So what will happen to them after the war, will they proceed in EU, come back?

I hope that people will now finally see who Dalai Lama truly is and was
I swear I'm so tired of seeing slave owner getting praised by so many people including celebrities who then influence millions of people to follow him and then make movies about him and whatnot for decades. I can't count how many times I saw someone famous of who I thought was a normal person and then came to know that he/she is literally worshipping a fucking slave owner! I just hope that people will finally see the truth of what he really is and finally stop this idiocy.

Most sickening statement I heard in a while…
Some Serbian ''historian'' who was on TV program tonight was talking about nazi war crimes(how Germany wants us to forget today etc) and was talking about monument for massacre in Kragujevac in WW2,monument for third grade children who were shot by nazis with help of collaborators: ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/03b4105d-5e7d-40b5-9c26-60c14a734467.jpeg) And he said that until recently, ''proper memorial'' didn't exist, with crucifix and religious symbols... Yes, there was no monument at all apparently and it doesn't count until they put religious symbols on it. THE MONUMENT FOR MASSACRED THIRD GRADE CHILDREN WHICH WAS MADE IN YUGOSLAVIA IN 1950S APPARENTLY DIDN'T EXIST BECAUSE THERE WAREN'T ANY RELIGIOUS SYMBOLS ON IT!!! This is the most disgusting and sickening statement I heard recently, even with Ukraine shit taking into account... These people are devoid of sanity and self awareness...

Serbia, Montenegro, Republika Srpska, Croatia and most of ex-Yugoslavia need denazification ASAP
It is a known fact that whole Eastern Europe needs to be denazified, but here is literally hell. Recently when Peskov said that Russia will keep an eye on what Serbia is doing because of Vučić and all, so many North Atlantic Terrorist supporters in comments came foaming at mouth and screeching for Russia to ''leave Serbia alone'', that Serbia ''should become USA puppet state even after bombing since Japan did the same without problem'', that Russia should leave Serbia and continue ''it's way of bolshevism'', that they will fight Russia if it tries to ''occupy Serbia'' and WHAT THE FUCK!! Fascism is basically the norm in Serbia and Croatia especially, nazi collaborator monuments everywhere along with propaganda from church, in Republika Srpska they literally built monuments of nazi collaborator butchers who slaughtered babies, kids and elderly next to the place where it happened!!! I don't even have to explain Croatia and Slovenia with Jasenovac and Bleiburg. Open racism everywhere towards Roma and migrants, screeching like gooses at LGBT parades while fascists are occupying us, constant shoving of religion down everyone's throats, not shutting the fuck up about monarchism, China bad etc etc. I literally can't live with those depraved people in the same country anymore, I'm just glad Russia is aware of what's happening and what psychos live here. And I'm hoping that Balkan's turn comes as soon as possible.

Thoughts on Rudolf Nureyev, was he reactionary?
Sputnik news here in Serbia was talking about him and praising him recently, but as far as I heard and know, he went to Fr*ce and never returned to USSR for some fucking reason and was booed for it by French French Communist Party(lol). Is there anything more to it?

Alright guys, what song/sound do you use and recommend for ringtone?
Do you recommend to put explicitly communist song i.e USSR anthem as I had it one time or to keep it simple? I had USSR anthem before, now I use [this ](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JwNf6aJfr0&ab_channel=scxrb)unironically, what about you?

We really need a community for this shit, not political, but still cringe.

What is up with bug with comments?
After the last big update when Lemmy was down for a day, there is a bug that for example, it says that there are 10 comments, but only 5 can be seen. A couple of comments can't be see even if number of comments says that there are more. This also happened to old posts and comments where comments can't be seen even if they were not deleted, what is up with this?

2012-2016 feels like completely different time at this point
This has nothing to do with politics at all, just casual thoughts, I had to vent somewhere. Maybe it's just me being a bit doomer or something, but my siblings, almost all of my friends and most of the people I know usually agree. You know how older people say that they miss 1980s for example, that's basically how I view first half of 2010s for newer generation. Everything was so much better then: internet, movies, TV shows, games, popular stuff, as for the internet, most of popular trash today was non existent including cringe ''trends'' etc, reddit wasn't as popular and as talked about as today, there was Google+ and YouTube was best with Markiplier playing horror games being mainstream, Balkan YouTube being at it's peak(anyone who is from countries of ex-Yugoslavia will know about what I'm talking about), Minecraft, GTA V, ARK Survival Evolved, Creepypastas, indie games, Pokemons everywhere, you name it. Movies were better and better every year (props to Cocaine Bear and few more recent movies which are actually good ofc), while today most of the movies are either boring sequels, ruining originals or terrible remakes, with newer games also doing the same thing. It was 2017 when everything started going to shit on the internet, very early 2017 started good, but then in about mid 2017 everything changed: dramas and cringe trends started on internet, open racism on social media started becoming more frequent, people complaining about everything etc, reddit and TikTok becoming more popular, good social media getting shut down or ruined with updates, cringe games becoming popular while old ones including literal Minecraft went into irrelevancy(it came back later thankfully) etc. And life was so much better then in general, not everyone was complaining and depressed irl, I remember every day after school going with siblings and friends on sports center across the street from school and spending whole day there. Today, it wouldn't be even possible since almost everyone I know is depressed and very closed in, including new people I meet, everyone is basically just looking after themselves closed and not giving a shit about anyone or anything if you know what I mean. People are just becoming depressed shells more and more, what is up with that? Not so long ago before a few years, this would be unimaginable and here we are. I'm saying 2012-2016 since that was the best time imo. As I said, my siblings agree with me, most of my friends also but they just kind of don't know why is that. Does anyone else feel the same or similar about that time?

This propaganda once had a higher critic score than Breaking Bad💀