Bob’s Guns is an excellent track by Ludique.


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  • Your ability to go to sleep depends on everything you did earlier in the day. If you do more work, more physical activity, and more things you have been putting off, you will have an easier time sleeping. Avoiding caffeine may also help, as does waking up at a consistent time. I found it helps to play a podcast I don’t care about at a lowish volume as it gives me something to do on my phone that’s compatible with falling asleep. You also need to go to bed early enough, but if you structure your day to tire yourself out, it is a lot more straightforward to do this.

  • I want to dispel a myth here. There is generally no advantage for trans women in almost all sports. If you know trans women you know that almost all of us are not athletic at all. And those of us that are have a significantly lower VO2 max than cis women athletes. When trans women are allowed to compete as women we do not see an unusually high win rate and we usually lose. Trans women were mostly allowed to compete in the Olympics for a while and have never won a medal. The whole notion that trans women have a biological advantage in sports is nothing but absurdity and transmisogyny and does not have any basis in reality. And even if we do win, or even do better than last place, people act as if the sky is falling. It is not the end of the world if a woman wins because she had a biological advantage in the biological advantage measuring contests.