Italian Communist He/Him " either the Anarchists are deceiving themselves, or else they do not know what they are talking about." J.V. Stalin.

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Well yeah but I think OP referred to kiddy porn

Beh si ma se spio il mio vicino, è poi vendo i suoi dati per 50mila euro e la polizia mi multa mille euro sto comunque in positivo

Si gode, sfortunatamente continueranno a farlo finché l’unica conseguenza sono multe


They serve to two different things, its like saying that airplanes replaced houses, science studies the reality from an objective and scientific (duh) point of view, while philosophy questions more moral, metaphysical and abstract concepts that science could never

Scopro le cose belle tipo vanced solo quando smettono di esistere eccheccaz

Solo grazie a questo articolo ho colto una vecchia reference in un episodio dei Griffin in cui il gestore di un editore era un pinguino lol, the more you learn

Oh nooo, less money for betlusconi, how will he afford his 6th yacht? Also dazn had a big scandal bcs it works like shit

I live in a big tourist area and american/German tourists are the stereotype you imagine them to be

A space to talk, discuss and shitpost about all Paradox games and Paradox in general

how will be hosting paid for in the future
i mean when and if we will have lots and lots of new users