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Instacrap flagged my small 300 follower meme page as a “russian account using rubles” LOL, badge of honor

Hear me out: Infinity for Lemmy

Yes I was banned from the grad for some days for pointing out the stupidness of the tw on dairy too, at this point isn’t sad, it’s funny. Hope they get that I’m only joking when I point their rules out lol

Why are all the “” hidden? Or even for other instances, it was fun to be able to spot a Based grader, a lib beehawer or a nazi sopuler at a glance

Will we still be able to post pictures of ice creams or will we be banned for torture apology?

He wasn’t American, the disease is spreading

After a day or so yes, fortunately

Opening this post crashed jerboa 3 times 😂

ive said him 10 times “watch the original video” the response? calling me a fascist and blocking me, lmao liiiiiiiiiibs

ive just been called a fascist for speaking out against western propaganda on tianamen square, how’s your day going?

Oooh so this is why it’s lagging extremely, guess I’ll go on the grad for a few days, or weeks

Buying singles (or proxying, i don’t judge) is the way!

Just started a week ago, this stuff looks fun, im currently playing on arena and just finished the color challenges, just ordered a sealed 2022 starter deck

Also have vague memories of playing (or just mashing random buttons) on mtgo when I was like 6

Still a great source of information though, it’s just the fan base that ugh

Lemmy, Instagram (purtroppo) e penso basta, ogni tanto lurko su quelľabominio di reddit

I love ľ antidiplomatico but I hate it’s fan base, at least 50% of them deny climate change according to a statistic I just made up (but fr, at least half of them do, just look at their comments and use deepl)

I’m deeply saddened by my not presence there, I was respected at the yearly tankie convention before, someone else is gonna take my place unfortunately 🙁

Big recently attempted coup on Venezuela energy, when a group of armed fishermen blocked some tacticool commandos from boarding Venezuela (and this is why the class counsciuous proletariat should be armed)

Did the grad gain any new members with the recent reddit thing?

@frippa@lemmy.mltoMemes@lemmy.mlSad days
34 giorni

Do you know a not sus VPN that supports p2p torrenting? I 🏴‍☠️ tens of games a month and recently our fascist government just passed a draconian anti piracy law, what VPN should I look to?

i needed to waste 1337, hehe

F for a real legend

Thank a lot, also I want to start learning mandarin, is it really as hard as some people make it out to be? For now I only know Italian and (broken) English

i pretty much doxxed myself many times soooo, the union is USB (funny name, they always joke about it) and the country is Italy

Edit: here’s a screenshot if a comrade that knows Chinese wants to translate

The union associated with my org just ended up on a Chinese newspaper, we are famous omg

(context: in the 26th of may that particular union, about a million strong, per Wikipedia, launched a general strike. And that has piqued the interest of CCTVnews)

I have his selected readings in Italian, my friend is translating some of his niche letters in English for a group of friends he has, maybe i could ask him for the translation and upload that on prolewiki library

I have his selected readings, it’s just a question of adhd impeding me from reading long stuff, i could try reading some of his letters or his shorter essays though, a friend of mine said they’re interesting

Based, even vimeo removed it afaik

Other comrades have suggested watching “Ukraine on fire” it’s hard to find though

A philosophy YouTuber I really liked at the time (that I now consider worse than trash, read below) made a video and then a stream about Marx, he taught me about the falling rate of profit, inevitability of socialism etc, unfortunately he is very flawed, he is some flavor of leftcom and refutes completely Stalin, considering brezhnev better than him (💀)

Then I discovered hakim and genzedong (on reddit, back then) and leninism made a lot of sense to me, the necessity of a strong state during siege socialism, the necessity for radical measures ettc, in the end, all is good what ends good.

That YouTuber is really bad, like he praises the EU and the Euro (that subjugated and empoverished Italy) and he is pro Ukraine, glad I distanced myself about 2 years ago.

I still need to read my theory, so far I’ve read:

ABC of communism (💀)

Chunks of the manifesto

Wage labor and capital

Some of Lenin’s works

Some Mao

And a plethora of articles and essays

Edit: per i miei compagni Italiani, provate a indovinare di chi sto parlando nel primo paragrafo

I’ll start saying that the Wagner group is literally a corporation, they’re just mercenaries hired by Russia, instead azov, the right sector etc not only are a key part of the military, but they straight up force the government to do what they want

mercì boceaup, as they say in the land of the free

what’s the most communist animal?
not in the sense of animals that organize their society in a communist style. fashies have eagles, libertarians have snakes, what's the communist animal?

How did they make money?
So I wanted to buy a copy of the manifesto (I had just a pdf till now) I know it ain't necessary but I'm building a library so it would've been nice, so anyway I went on the ebay and found this copy for cheap, just over 1 euro plus shipping. On the front of the book, as clear as day, there was written "100 pages, 1000 Lire" So I investigated So there was this publishing house in the 90s that had this scheme "100 pages 1000 Lire" at that time 1000 Lire were worth about 60 euro cents today, sooo how did they make money? Its a normal paperback made of normal paper, its 100 pages and the necessary commodities would have probably costed more. I can't sleep till I find the truth Edit: if there's something to take from this deliry is that: 1)I got shafted because the book costed less in the 90s 2) buy books local if you can, local used books can be real cheap, real story ive seen them as low as 35 cents for entire tomes, shipping can be a real hamper expecially when your government gifted your postal service to private oligarchs (but that's a rant for another time comrades 😁)

looking for victoria 3 1.2 for windows
i looked on the 1337, but i only found a linux version, should i wait or are there some already updated versions up there?

Are there any positives in our material contitions are Marxists leninists in the first world?
I don't want to write an essay (I probably will though, it's in our red blood😰) but still, I was thinking about the recent labor movement revival and..... Though my opinion is positive.... Like really so, I still think about the fact that without a vanguard party, this is little less than a dent in our super globalized neo imperialist system, then I thought about the recent tragedy in Syria and Turkey, we didn't manage to get the criminal sanctions lifted, the aid has to come from friends of Siria (non aligned countries and socialist countries) then I thought about the fact that after 1959, no other socialist revolution succeeded (viet-nam revolution succeeded before, in the North) so, our vixroires are all in the third world and glory to our comrades in there for that but, am I a doomer for thinking that we are doomed over here in the first? The situation is dire in my opinion but I hope is a little bit brighter than I imagined.

Is there a way to bypass Facebook subscriptionwall?
Is there a way to bypass Facebook's subscriptionwall? I swear I'm not a boomer, there's this really famous historian where I live (he's also a comrade, funnily enough) his lectures are very Interesfing and popular but unfortunately a lot of them are only accessible through Facebook, only thing is I don't have an account nor an intention on creating one, yet it is forcing me to create one to access content, is there a way to bypass it?

How do I ban evade on reddit?
You may think I'm crazy to want to go back on that hell, and maybe you're right, but there are some communities I want to interact with, yet I am perma banned from there (no fault of my own, but another story) soooooo, how do I circumvent my ban? I already tried but I think they ipbanned me because the new account got instabanned

I had my first dental operation yesterday, dentist fear is kinda overblown.
I had my first serious dental operation yesterday, it was a devitalization, they needed to kill one of my teeth because it got infected. I was scared af before goijng there (you know, I was, until yesterday, very phobic of the dentist) I sat, they anesthesized half my mouth and proceeded with the operation. It lasted two almost uninterrupted hours, they put some kind of hooks, syringes and other stuff inside my tooth (and obviously they used the Drill) then they closed it all with some kind of molten wax. God, Allah, historic materialism or whoever rules this world bless whoever invented anesthesia, I can't even imagine how much it would have hurt without it.

We should make a weekly thread for stuff that doesn’t deserve/belongs to a thread
Lets vote/discuss and let democratic centralism do its thing

the publication is "is s/he an informant" from the anarch*st library.

What’s the tankiest mastodon instance?
I'm looking to join mastodon, what's the "tankiest" instance?

A space to talk, discuss and shitpost about all Paradox games and Paradox in general

/c/shoplifting a communty about shoplifting and more in general about the reappropriation of goods by the proletariat
i hope its allowed, if not pls tell me and i will move it to another instance.

how will be hosting paid for in the future
i mean when and if we will have lots and lots of new users