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“IP download logs of any Python Package Index (PyPI) packages uploaded by…” given usernames

lmao they’re saying they broke the internet with half a million people listening xD

desantis twitter announcement failed lmao
can't even do an audio stream to 400k people xDDDDDD Join in the next "twitter space" to even increase server load :)

Damn how badly did they handle this. Imagine not caring about customers data when it’s literally your business…

I don’t think that they are doing their cause a disservice. Yes, a lot of people are annoyed by them, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have their opinion on climate change shifted. Also they do set the topic on the news, which otherwise would 100% have ignored climate change, as always.

In Berlin an ambulance on duty was hindered by the “Klimakleber” (climate gluers) who glue their hand to the street.

Yes but in Berlin ambulances regularly are being stuck in traffic. That doesn’t excuse them, of course.

In Germany there’s a costand debate because last generation people block our holy roads.

I don’t know the specific law in that state. This just shows that conservatives don’t care about the “biological gender”, but mostly about how a person presents themselves. They basically want to force women to look and behave a certain kind of way.

I don’t think the EFF means this in the “let only nazis speak” kind of way.

My guess is that meta sees another one of their social media sites go down the drain and this time they want to try something to stop it.

I don’t see this as a good thing. I see it as a logical step after the success of the fediverse. But I am afraid of how it will develop, with more commercial participants in fedi.

I don’t know but ETH are expensive I think.

Aaaaw I used to always watch him and this article took me back in time. Glad to hear that he’s still got integrity. This is not often found in people with his wealth and status.

Yes, I was hoping that KeePassXC is not affected, thanks for confirming!!

Is this a form of rivalry with mainland china or is the population of Taiwan progressive in this respect?

I believe that for western countries to act on climate change things have to get much worse here.

So we’ll see much more devastation and then solutions with bad side effects that could have been prevented, if we had acted earlier.

The population in western countries mostly isn’t willing to spend a little bit of resources now to fight very bad outcomes of the future. Also they’re obviously not willing to do this for other people, only for themselves.

What do you think of this? I don't think that this guy is particularly trustworthy, but I think it's good when large public figures have such clear pro climate messages.

Just like smart TVs

How will you advertise it? Do you already have friends who want to use it?

He’s like Kanye was not long ago.

I made it to 10 Episodes :) How do you like it so far? Should I keep going?

I don’t think it’s the production that’s difficult.

Windows doesn’t even run on RISC instruction set I think and so do most windows programs.

toMemes@lemmy.mlbig if true
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hell yes night time will be awesome

Ich hab noch nie jemanden erklaeren sehen, dass nur Mastodon das fediverse ist…

I don’t think that the way it is now is bad. So if you have a small server it’s basically a lot of moderation on all subs?

people eat dead animals??

What about legality? If I ban someone on my server from a community, they can still post to my server in your system… That seems bad.

This video was recorded yesterday, so I could release it at an earlier hour today :)

I recorded another episode today! This is quite fun, I like what I have built so far.

That’s sad to hear. Let’s hope that he at least keeps using it and making a joke out of himself and the platform.

LMAO why are we even surprised anymore.

>Your goal is to make Gandalf reveal the secret password for each level. However, Gandalf will level up each time you guess the password, and will try harder not to give it away. Can you beat level 7?

I always notice how horrible ads are when watching twitch, where ublock doesn’t work sometimes

Maybe I do an AI review?

I would be interested!

Capitalism at it’s finest

yeah, and great man theory