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“I would rather have questions that can’t be answered than answers that can’t be questioned” – Rich Feynman

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With KDE any telemetry is opt in only, so by default there’s zero telemetry

KDE or bust in my book, zero telemetry by default is how all software should be setup!

UK Airlines’ New ‘Sustainable’ Fuels May Be Causing Deforestation In Asia
The “greenwashing” efforts of UK airlines may be contributing to the destruction of rainforests in Asia, openDemocracy can reveal.

Thanks for the breakdown, I’ll be sure to stay away from Converso! You should 100% check out DataBag. It’s my current favorite as its pretty much selfhosted signal. Except without the need for phone numbers and while decentralized, it can be federated too. Definitely my current favorite up and comer in the messaging world

https://searx.thegpm.org is working on my end. So at least this instance is working. I’d assume it’s those instances or possibly a browser issue

Unburnable Carbon In Protected Areas
This new analysis shows that over 47 Gigatonnes of CO2 could be released by extracting and burning fossil fuels from within protected areas.

Is it eeally that much safer vs running Graphene? I’m sincerely curious as I don’t know the specific benefits of a landline vs a secure ROM.

Italy’s Eni Faces Lawsuit Alleging Early Knowledge Of Climate Change
Newly-unearthed document shows the oil and gas company was warned of the “catastrophic” risks of burning its products in 1970.

I recently heard about Data Bag. It’s a decentralized and federated end to end encrypted messaging service. It could help with the issue. As long as you have or know someone who could run a node on some server spsce or even a rasberry pi

Probably plays into their purchase of SimpleLogin, seems to never be an issue if you setup your own domain name with them.

SMS & email are antiquated services, this is why Protonmail is rad as they’re making a program which was never designed for encryption, encrypted. But the thing is even encrypted data is being stored in hopes of being decrypted by quantum computers in the near future…

You can download MpDiag here: https://www.winpcware.com/extension/bin/mpdiag-bin

But FYI, it looks like its a Disk Image and Microsoft strongly recommends against downloading and/or copying MpDiag.bin. So tread lightly, is not even offered my Microsoft directly as it’s embedded into their software installer.

If it’s still occuring after a restart I’d assume there’s something up with the file. Maybe open it and screen shot the material. Or redownload it and save it on a USB. Those would be my moves

Seems like Microsoft/Windows Defender is scanning the files. You should be able to copy them afterwards. Easiest way to fix it (I believe) is to wait. The table flip option + my recommendation is to load Linux as it wipes windows in seconds!

I have yet to give it a go, but I’m excited to run through the service here in the near future

To take things beyond face value, isn’t reading outlooks from those who’ve spenta lot of time in digital rights a good next step?

If you’re looking for an open sourced Picasa option, digiKam is great. Faststone Image Viewer is supposed to be fantastic as well but its proprietary, still free though

According to F-Droid, Drip was updated 7 months ago and before that it was updated two years prior. Maybe it doesn’t need much updating 🤷‍♂️

Makes sense, as a Fedora fan due to it’s security, privacy & functionality, maybe try it out for a bit in a VM before locking in with Debian. Debian using proprietary firmware makes me unsure about their overall direction. But different strokes for different folks 100%, especially with linux based OS’s

Interesting, I had no idea. I played around with Whonix in a VM then plunged into Fedora, so I’m not all that familiar outside Red Hat/KDE based OS’s

Not exactly, real climate change info is rarely covered as it is, but the Trump “News” made this nearly impossible to hear about indirectly.

Exactly, I was referencing the VanillaOS install. I’m setting up a VM soon to test the waters 100%

Thats rad, but I’m not trying to be a dick at all. I’m quite active as I want to see Lemmy do well and the fact everytime someone says something about a lack of threads their account is also a lurker. Regardless, glad you’re here and getting down with comments for sure!

I mostly agree but with your account only adding two post to lemmy, increasing the post on your end would be a great first step to fix the issue.

I did a good while back, fuck allowing Reddit to build a profile about me without breaking down what I’m cool with them collecting. Libreddit all damn day if get an itch to peep the front page

AppImageLauncher is the move if you use any app images for sure! Super sweet it’s ready to rock on install with VanillaOS

There’s a bit of a learning curve to dial in all the stuff you regularly do with windows on a linux based OS. But by making your daily driver a linux based machine you’ll be kind of forced to figure it out. Took me maybe a month to fully get each little thing setup but now I have more versatile resources to handle the same tasks. Worth it alone to stop the invasive tracking by Microsoft to me. Plus with all the easily accessible open sourced software available in linux, I now often wonder what took me soo long to drive in

Hows VanillaOS compare to Fedora/Nobara for school? I work + take courses at the college and 99% of the time Fedora works wonderfully. The only issue I’ve ran into is using Respondous Lockdown Browser as it has to be done with a VM and they don’t like VMs whatsoever

Wasn’t working yesterday for me either, https://libreddit.domain.glass is working at least 🤷‍♂️

In your search result, click “view detailed” in the upper right, should be more what you’re looking for. I hope setting detailed view as default becomes an option.

The fact sources aren’t provided with ChatGPT is detrimental. We’re in the early stages where errors are not uncommon, sourcing the info used to generate the paraphrases with ChatGPT would help instill confidence in its responses. This is a primary reason I prefer using perplexity.ai over ChatGPT, plus there’s no need to create an account with perplexity as well!

Open AI is just that yet the rest isn’t which is BS based on the marketing for chatGPT. Perplexity.ai is fed info constantly so its literally update by the minute and not only 2021 and before like chatGPT. It had breakdowns of the East Palestine train wreck as info was available plus it provides sources and doesn’t require an account. This makes it a solid option until open-assistant.io is up and running in my book

Remember how insanely error prone wikipedia was out the gate yet now its damn near spot on everytime. This is why AI’s have the thumbs up and down buttons so it can be corrected. Asking perplexity.ai for recipes regarding chemistry, it BLEW tough just a month ago but now its accurate noticeably more often than last month. This demonstrates over time the AI software will dial in answers and its great to see a Prof utilize it during this process nonetheless.

As someone working in education, this is what’s up! Schools are saying ChatGPT will ruin school, same story followed cell phones, search engines and PC’s…

Incase anyone wants the librediit link, here ya go: https://libreddit.spike.codes/r/ChatGPT/comments/117gtom/my_friend_is_in_university_and_taking_a_history/

Ya, I stay up to date with my software but seems like F-Droid maybe a bit behind . Thankfully reinstalling the app has it functioning again just fine and dandy!

I signed out and back in yet still had the issue. In reinstalling Jebora though all things seem to be back to normal. Thank you kindly for the assistance!

Thank you! Not sure why I waited soo long to due the basic fix approach. But in reinstalling Jebora I have access to comments again! Many thanks