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Photo taken near Novo Progresso, Brazil by André Penner from the Associated Press

We thought the hydro was the answer, but it destroyed river environments. We thought wind was the answer, but waste turbines consume too much landfill. Could geothermal be the answer?

Scientists are worried about the effect this change could have on orbiting satellites, the ozone layer, and Earth’s weather.

France legally bans select short-haul flights —so should other countries follow?
>France has become the first country to legally ban select short-haul flights, requiring a train alternative of 2.5 hours or less to exist. The ban was part of a 2020 agreement between the French government and Air France to meet environmental targets. However, environmentalists believe the ban has been watered down too much. The ban does not cover flights between certain cities, connecting flights from outside France, or private jets. Despite its limitations, the ban is considered a step in the right direction by Greenpeace France. The government plans to review and potentially expand the ban in three years. The French government is also considering increasing charges on private jets from 2024.


cross-posted from: > >- Maine recently joined a growing list of states suing chemical manufacturers over toxic “forever chemicals,” or PFAS, claiming significant harm to residents and natural resources. > >- An estimated 64 million people across the U.S. are affected by drinking water contaminated with the chemicals. > >- 3M faces a bellwether trial over PFAS, set to begin Monday, that could set the tone for future lawsuits.-

cross-posted from: > >Natural gas’s dominance as power-plant fuel in the US is fading fast as the cost of electricity generated by wind farms and solar projects tumbles, according to Guggenheim Securities. > > >Utility-scale solar is now about a third cheaper than gas-fired power, while onshore wind is about 44% less expensive, Guggenheim analysts led by Shahriar Pourreza said Monday in a note to clients.

New “BP Sickness” Develops in Oil Clean Up Workers
The workers that helped save the Gulf Coast after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster are now developing illnesses that they say is a direct result of the work they performed. The companies responsible don’t want to help them, even though these workers did the dirty work to clean up after BP and the others involved.
fedilink Responds to U.S. Congress’ Egregious Debt Ceiling Bill “Compromise”
1 Responds to U.S. Congress’ Egregious Debt Ceiling Bill “Compromise”

Police Use Water Cannons, Mass Arrest at Extinction Rebellion Protest
At least 6000 people demonstrated for an immediate end to fossil subsidies.

New global warming study just dropped
A preprinted study by James Hansen and collaborators suggests that we've all but locked in 2°C warming by 2050. They go on to calculate a likely equilibrium warming of 10°C considering current GHG levels and known feedback loops. I know we need to take this as yet another call to action, but at the same time I think so many of us feel absolutely paralyzed by the enormity and incomprehensibility of the situation.

*In the latter case, that of rooftop solar panels, the impact is twofold: they add supply by injecting their surpluses into the grid and reduce demand when there is sunshine.*

Green - An environmentalist community
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