Mac sales are down.

I’m really not surprised. They are just a bit too expensive once you start upgrading the storage and ram.

I have been holding out on buying a Mac since the M2 was rumored to come out.

I keep hoping that the base model will have a larger amount of storage and ram, but it does not.

They keep selling faster processors, but I do not need that, I need more storage and I’d like more ram.

At this point, I’m just going to buy a used M1 air. If Apple had 512 and 26 standard on the base air, I’d pickup a new one today.

Do you disagree? What can Apple do to increase Mac sales?

  • happyhippo
    9 months ago

    Linux is a thing, you know?

    Embrace the freedom it gives

          9 months ago

          A $900 laptop that

          • has days of battery life and an ARM processor
          • Ran x86 apps with near-native speeds *Still beat all of its competitors in benchmarks back in 2021 when I got it
          • Did all of this without a fan
          • is extremely compact and lightweight, fitting in every bag I have
          • well made with a good keyboard, trackpad, and screen
          • Will last me for years

          Do me a favor, look at what 13" laptops were for sale in late 2021. Find any of them that competed on price and performance. The M1 MacBook air was one of the best received apple laptops, specifically because it was unbeatable at that price.

          The only negative was it only running macOS, but Apple allowed 3rd party firmware to be installed. Now mine uses coreboot to boot into fedora 39. The only thing that doesn’t work is deep sleep and the speakers, with good progress being made by the development team.

          There’s plenty of criticism for Apple and their obscene pricing, but the one laptop purchase I never regretted was this one.