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    Not to mention that the 0-100 range thingy really depends on local conditions. I mean, depending on where you live, there are parts of the scale you’ll never use.

    I’ve never in my entire life lived in a place where the lowest temp got anything close to 0°F.

    My range of values is more -5°C - 45°C, or 23F - 113F.

    23F for me is already fucking cold, and 100F is nowhere near fucking hot anymore (thank the entire humanity for climate change).

    So whichever scale, for me they’re still just a bunch of numbers. But at least Celsius is used in “science, bitch!”

  • I don’t. I love Pixels and like many of their cloud services, although I’m pissed at them for killing some of them (the usual list, you know: Inbox, greader, play music).

    And although I’m a big advocate for FOSS, I can’t see myself giving up the camera prowess by switching to something like Graphene, for example.

    But I’m well aware that I’m sharing plenty of data with them (some of which I find useful, like location history allowing me to go back in time), and that they can disable my account anytime. That’s why I’ve started doing regular Takeouts of data, and backing them up on a separate hosting provider. My Google Drive holds ALL my documents and files, so on top of keeping a local copy on my drive, I also incrementally backup the entire folder on a separate host provider everyday.

  • happyhippotoApple@lemmy.mlMac Sales are Down
    9 months ago

    They need to have certain margins to survive. These first years are crucial, if they gain enough market share I’m sure they’ll stick around and will be able to apply better prices.

    Right now I know that I’m overpaying, but part of that extra money I’m more than happy to give it to send a message to the entire industry: consumers WANT right to repair, upgrade and fully own the electronics they pay for. And our planet needs this as well.