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What do you think (this person’s) username means, without looking it up?
**I don't mean my username! Yours!** I guess this is more of a game and maybe not strictly the right place. But, the idea is to make a top level reply with you asking 'guess' or saying ':)' or what have you, and everyone else should answer what they think the username means or refers to, **without looking any words or concepts up**! Off the cuff, what do you think it means when you see this person's username? Not sure about the mobile apps, but if you hover over someone's name in Lemmy it will show their username if they have a display name set. My username is quite boring and straightforward, but I like seeing other people's weird usernames especially on semi-anon places. **Bonus**: What do you visually think when you read it? Even if you misread it as a typo, what did you imagine when you read it & saw their avatar?

Users from before the current wave of Reddit refugees, how do you feel about the incoming monsoon of refugees?
I imagine there's excitement for the increase of activity but worries about the potential toxic side of Reddit coming along too. I'd especially be interested in the Lemmy devs' opinions.

what brought you to Lemmy?
I'm just another reddit refugee to be honest

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Finding an instance that blocks least and is least blocked
Is there a way to shop around for a Lemmy instance based on how many instances are blocking it and how many instances it's blocking? For example, I noticed that the instance is relatively popular, but it seems like a lot of other instances block it. It also blocks a bunch of other instances. So, if there are any communities on there that might be relevant to me then I would be missing out. I guess I could just create an account on a walled instance, but I would prefer not to keep creating accounts. I'd like to just find one instance that maximizes my access. Is the answer to just run my own instance?

Where is the search bar on mobile?
So to “correctly” open a community from another instance I’m instructed to “enter it into the search bar on your own instance”. Ok, I’m on, mobile browser in Firefox- where is the search bar? I can’t find it…

Any plans to support Open Graph in Lemmy?
Do lemmy team has any plans to support Open Graph in lemmy? so the users can embed videos and pictures from social media instead of a link only?

If I had a stack of $100 bills, and I told you that for every bill you eat I will give you one to keep, how much money do you think you’d walk away with?
All in one sitting. You get one condiment of choice, and a large glass of water. Bills can be torn up before consumption but nothing is stopping you from housing full Benjamins and digging for gold in the bathroom later. I think I could probably eat at least 10, and I would pick BBQ sauce.

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I've already started seeing a lot of redundant communities being made here that have already existed on other Lemmy instances, and is at risk of centralization and overload, so now is a great time to raise awareness of other instances. For science topics, []( has a lot of good ones set up, and [!]( on has been great! edit: for new users - you can type `!` to begin autofilling a community, even for ones on other instances, like I did for the solarpunk community above. It may take a few seconds for the autofill results to show up if you have a slow connection like me.

Good everyday shoe
I'm looking for a nice shoe to replace my current Asics Gel -Keyano 27s. I basically wear these shoes for everything from long walks to yard work. They served me well, but it's time for a new pair as these are worn out. Any recommendations? I was looking at allbirds, but not sure I can make the jump. Thanks!

Are you a cat person or a dog person?
Cats or dogs? Katzen oder Hunde? Gatos o perros? Or something else entirely? Are you sure you're even a person?

Why can I find communities that exist from some Lemmy instances but not others?
How does the search function work and why does it sometimes not work from different instances when searching All? In other words - * I search for a community that exists on Lemmy instance A (e.g. from Lemmy instance B (e.g. and it finds it. * I search for that same community from Lemmy instance C (e.g., and it doesn't find it. * Lemmy instance A, B, and C are all connected / federated.

what web browser do you use and why?
I use geh Firefox forks mull and fennec, I occasionally use vanadium. I just like privacy but tor is overkill for me

People who live in hot parts of the world, how do you stay cool during your day-to-day life?
I live in the UK, but our summers are getting hotter, and I'm struggling with profuse sweating and mild dehydration. If you are or were a student in Australia, Mexico, southern USA, Spain, Portugal, Greece, South Africa, or any other hot parts of the world, how do/did you stay cool during the day? Note: I am familiar with the idea of a siesta; this is not an option. If the solution is clothing, I don't really care about gendered clothing. If it fits and looks good, it's fine. Thanks! EDIT: For context, I am a student who is specifically having trouble during the school day, so AC systems and curtains aren't viable either. It's really clothing and strategy that I need to think about.

If you suddenly woke up a thousand years ago in England during the Viking era, how would you react? What would you do?
Edit: My bad for the multiple posts. I think I deleted all of them. Lemmy is a little janky on mobile.

Where’s the feel of the old Internet gone, and what sites do you use?
Hey all. Since the Internet has just been boiled down to the main big social media sites, it feels like the magic is gone. Whens the last time someone said to you "hey check out this cool website"? It's always the same: TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, FB, Reddit, Discord. Forums are basically dead. Chat rooms are dead. Message boards are dead. I miss that feeling of just discovering interesting or quirky websites. Lemmy is cool because it feels fresh and new, and there's not a boat load of users here yet. But what other sites do you guys use or can recommend? I remember browsing Joe cartoon, Newgrounds, weebls, Ebaums, failblog, damnlol, and a bunch of other stupid but either funny or interesting sites. Are there sites out there that still have that early Internet vibe? I feel like there is a treasure trove of still active websites out there but I have no idea what they are. Any recommendations would be GREATLY appreciated. Edit: I created !oldweb where these sorts of sites can be shared!

What do you care about most in an online community?
What matters to you most? I'm not sure I know the answer myself, but I'm curious what you all think.

Would a “New Communities” page of some sort be helpful
Don't exactly know the best way for this to be made. I'm guessing a special page built into the platform might actually be the best way. It'd just provide a list of all communities the instance federates with in order of ascending age. Or, maybe more easily, an admin run community for people to post about their new communities?

If you create a sub on Lemmy, are you responsible for its moderation? If so, how much of a pain is that, really?
The title, really. On Reddit, I was one of the ubiquitous lurkers. I'd like to maybe participate a little more on Lemmy, now that I'm here. I might even like to start a community, but I'm concerned about what kind of a commitment I might be getting myself into. I really have quite enough BS in my life without inviting more. I'd be grateful for any advice, experience, or warnings folks might have. Thanks, and have a good one! Edit: Thanks everyone for your responses! Maybe I will try my hand at a community or two!

Reddit is Dead, long live… leddi- lemmy?
It really whips the llama's ass. Post says it all. Foreveralone. Take my upvote. Are we in post-social media yet or what?

What’s your favorite Web 1.0 memory?
Prior to the internet condensing into just 5 or so websites, what do you remember fondling about being online? I remember winning a raffle contest on the old Terraria forums and getting to pick my own title (instead of just New Member, Member, Well-Known Member). Of course, since I was like 13, I picked a random collection of letters that only I knew was an acronym of my signature on said forums.

Understanding the fediverse
Hello all! Came to Lemmy from Reddit as I wanted to be a part of helping the fediverse & Lemmy grow. As someone mentioned on here "**be the change you want to see**". So here I am! However I'd like to fully understand the fediverse so I can explain it to others and help them join. I understand the concept of the fediverse but what I'm struggling with is the instance part. I know an instance is a spun up server, and I'm assuming it's a copy of the lemmy source code, for example, which means it is its own contained version of Lemmy. This instance sets it's rules, creates its own sub communities etc. You join the instance that relates to you the most. But does that mean you can only post in that instance? I know you can follow users etc from another instance, but you can't post in their instance without migrating your account there? Is this the same for mastadon, where you can read / follow users, but cannot post? The example im thinking of is say there is a sub community on your instance for gardening, but you find out another instance has a bigger, more involved sub community for gardening. You want to participate there, that would mean you need to join that instance to do so? Would that mean multiple accounts for multiple instances? If there is a handy FAQ, or a video, that helps explain this that would be great! Really excited to be a part of this and looking forward to understanding it better.

Is there a community like r/findareddit here on Lemmy?
It would be great for discovering new communities as lemmy gets popular.

best way to donate/keep Lemmy running?
hi all! so, I guess all the instances and the development itself are in need of some money to be run. do all the instances need to survive on their own? I'm not sure how it works in the background, but instances with a small community would still need to be able to mirror all the threads from other instances - if its community requests it did I get this wrong? I'm currently supporting the development through Patreon, but I guess sometime in the future l, it would be wise to split this with server costs for the instances. or do I miss something? thanks!

How do you explore Lemmy?
New to Lemmy. I can think of some specific, obvious communities that I'd be interested in (and have joined). But half of the fun I had on Reddit was from random subs I would never have thought to go searching for (and only found due to random comments/cross-posts/etc). Trying to avoid another years-long collect-a-thon of niche communities. Is there anything like a list of communities somewhere that I could browse to find new/interesting things I wouldn't have thought to go looking for explicitly?

Find and Share Communities Thread!
Welcome everyone to Lemmy! Lemmy is a network of instances. Even if you registered on, your entire feed can be made up of posts by subscribing exclusively to communities. Sometimes it's hard to find a community of posts and people you want to hang out with - So I invite everyone to share communities from their instances in this thread! Edit: I've just realized the `!` linking format opens `` instead of i.e `` if your instance is This thread might not work

Can’t see my post on profile and all of the answers to it.
I've posted [this]( on /c/gaming. When I go to my profile and select "posts" it doesn't show anything. Also, a lot of people where kind enough to answer me, a replied and none of those comments show. The post has 52 comments and I can see maybe 5 of them (and none of my replies). I've tried on the site and now on jeroboa, no difference. Also, I can see the replies on my notifications but after clicking they won't show on the full comments on the post. Am I doing something wrong?

what social sites can you recommend?
I'm looking to delve into the fediverse. I use Lemmy and mastodon already. I want to go deeper into the fediverse. Where do I go next?

How can I search for a quote on YouTube?
There is a phrase I heard in a video on YouTube that I can't recall. It occasionally comes to mind, and I would like to find the video, but so far, I haven't been successful using the exact match search on Google with `"quote"`. How else can I search for it?

Created duplicate accounts on two Lemmy servers
(edit) - Answered by []( below. Thanks! I created duplicate accounts (same username as this one), one here on and another of the same account on This was before I understood how Lemmy works. Now I've deleted the account on and want to login there with my federated account from However when I try to login it just sits and spins. Will I be able to login to the other Lemmy server with this account? Do I just need to give the other server some time before it wipes out the account completely? I have verified that the other server is federated with> @sexy_peach

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