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I use the plugin for qBittorrent, so the search is just performed from inside the client. It’s the most seamless torrent setup I’ve ever used. You can see the local IP address results in this screenshot are coming from the jacket server.

What does a groaning lemmy sound like? Enter here and find out!

Everything except puns

There are android apps for lemmy called Lemmur and Jerboa

AI programmed for Identifying Birds

“Linux, this is Mom, shes looking to adopt you so you be nice Okay?” “Mom, this is Linux”

I like this description, although I’ve got to admit I’ve been the google idiot from time to time too :)

An updated list with torrents and video links is hosted at the link below. Be sure to understand some of these will have copyright issues, use a VPN etc. link expires in 1 year

Engineering…There are quite a few types? Mechanical, Civil, Chemical, Electrical

Cool! Any idea if this would affect Firefox on mobile and more specifically Fenix browser?