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not from a super hot place, but we do get up to like 35-40 degrees in the summer at times

best way to cool is to open windows at night, close them and the blinds during the day, submerge yourself in water for additional cooling :)

iiuc easiest way to tell is to just sort comments by new, also very new comments are temporarily highlighted by a lighter grey background, but that’s about it i think 🤷‍♀️

a few years ago it was literally a handful of ppl posting 90% of links and talking to each other, witnessing firsthand how complicated it is to get over that initial user retention bump, but i’m convinced we’re over it now :)

latte with oat milk + cig 👩‍🍳🤌

(suppresses appetite and tasty, honestly ditch the cig even, i haven’t eaten in days)

pretty sure it is :)

y’all mfs trying to detect obvious satire challenge (impossible)

your issue is with bad urban planning, not offices lol

oh ye? i’m addicted to having a sexual relationship with ur mom gotem hehe 😎 (i’ve unsolved homelessness) (i don’t deserve housing)

the guy is a carnist, the videos may be (and probably are, he has a masters in climate policy iirc so eh) perfectly valid, but i just can’t stand observing him unironically just consuming animal products while talking about the danger of climate change, guy is a clown

sorry, i don’t really understand what you’re trying to convey :(

my brother in christ, just use whatever you want, get a life 😭

certainly more weights contain more general information, which is pretty useful if you’re using a model is a sort of secondary search engine, but models can be very performant in certain benchmarks while containing little general data

this isn’t really by design, up until now (and it’s still continuing to be that way), it’s just that we don’t know how to create an LLM, which can generate coherent text without absorbing a huge portion of the training material

i’ve tried several models based on facebook’s llama LLMs, and i can say that the 13B and definitely 30B versions are comparable to chatGPT in terms of quality (maybe not in terms of the amount of information it has access to, but definitely in other regards)

recent advancements in LLMs that are small enough to be accessible to regular ppl (alpaca/llama), but also performant enough to sometimes even outperform chatGPT, are more interesting to me personally

while the size of this model is certainly super impressive, even if the weights were released, it would require like half a terabyte of VRAM at int4 MINIMUM, so you’d need like ~100k usd just to run inference on this thing at decent accuracy :(

easier, less hassle 🤷‍♀️

here for a good time, not and a long time 😎

i vaguely recall this really cool documentary with pretty interesting visuals about stuff raf did on youtube, but i can’t find it now for some reason 😭😔

prolly got deleted or smth, anyone lemme know if you know that one or you find it…

to be fair, the Russian counter strike scene was always rather rough, with pretty toxic ppl, but ye, i think you may be right to a degree

i really like this one, it’s kinda expensive tho, might be out of your price range 😉

all of these guys just need to move out of the US or areas affected by it if they can tbh, otherwise it doesn’t end well most of the time…

i forgot 😔 it was a long time ago

i’ve seen a lot of such footage where conductors spend like 30 seconds trying to forcefully pack in a entire train carriage in order for the doors to close and i’ve always found it to be so weird

like, if your metro is so busy, i’m assuming you have trains running every 60-90 seconds, which translates roughly to the minimum safe distance between trains, therefore they literally just spent like half the time they’d have to wait for another train to come simply trying to shove in one passenger, delaying not only everyone on that train, but also everyone is subsequent trains

where is the logic?

i don’t understand

is the implication that brutalism does take inspiration from random objects and people dislike it because of that?

does anyone know what kind of moderation 4chan has? tbh, if it didn’t attract all racists, nazis in the world, i think that kind of forum would be onto something interesting 🤔

but to make this point you considered former soviet republics other than russia, and the consequences/reasons as to why life became worse/better besides the regime change, which is exactly what my suggestion for the article was in the initial comment :)

but the article talks about russia in particular, which is not enough to draw any meaningful conclusion by itself, we need all other republics for context

and some republics did have a significant quality of life improvement irrc, like lithuania, latvia, estonia

that’s not very meaningful i’m afraid

say, russia turned out to be like scandinavian countries after the fall of the ussr, russians would have been happy for the fall of the ussr, even though scandinavian countries rely on worker exploitation in third world countries, this only indicates that for a lot of people the quality of life took a plunge after the fall of the ussr

living in russia sucks, welcome to the real world, people are so tired and exhausted that they can’t give a shit, just wanting to live a good quality life, without caring about the consequences of their lifestyle, which is very characteristic of capitalism now that i think about it

pls let this be the time we finally get a pretty and functional out-of-the-box de 🙏🙏

well, the general goal is to have a community without spam, very off-topic content and toxic environment, it’s the moderator’s role to steer a community to that state

mods usually look through recent posts and comments, and remove those that classify as spam or vioilate rules of the website (mostly the former), but as of recently when reporting functionality was introduced to lemmy, a lot of it is just reviewing reported posts/comments and deciding whether to remove them or not, in the beginning one also get to shape the community by creating rules, general theme etc

the effort required varies depending on commitment and size/activity level of a community and website: in the beginning this instance was like 90 % spam, and users were overwhelmed with it, but now there are a couple of spam posts a day, rarely more

/c/privacy is looking for moderators
greetings everyone, there's already >3.5k members here, not all of them are active obviously, but there are still a lot of posts on this sub, and even more comments, i can't really meticulously go through each and every one of them if you are somewhat active in this community, and have been on lemmy (or one of the other instances) for a few months, and would like to dedicate some time to moderating this community, please pm me :)

how this shit show has not yet fallen apart is a mystery to me 🤷‍♀️

fingers crossed it’s close 🤗🤗

the most infuriating aspect of electron, is is that multi-billion (and even multi-trillion) dollar corporations think it’s ok practice to release desktop clients using electron, like wtf, each one of them can hire ten teams to build ten completely new desktop toolkits, let alone just design their applications to use native system tools 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️

wow, to be honest, i'm really impressed with what it does for 200$, waiting for mass production :)

can't wait :) mobile devices liberated at last

Microsoft’s Software is Malware
microsoft bad, gnu good

The title is copied from the article, it's a little misleading, since the users are given the option of choosing from multiple search engines *including* DDG, Google and others

For anyone looking for Plex/Emby replacement, whose developments have gone astray. For those unfamiliar, Jellyfin is a libre fork of Emby, which (similar to Plex) has gone closed-source, resorted fully to the freemium model, to the point where it's literally not possible to use the free version, started including tremendous amounts of telemetry (mostly Plex). And just on a basic level, it sounds a bit ridiculous to pay for software for media that you provide **yourself** hosted on the hardware that you provide **yourself**. Anyway, the project is kind of in the early state, but the development is rather fast, just in the couple months that I've been using it a lot of things have been improved/introduced, most important for me being: - iOS clients have been released - pause/resume is now universal across all devices for the same user (i.e. start playing on one device, continue watching on another one from the moment you stopped) There's native support for Linux, macOS and Windows (why would you use those?) and Docker and Kubernetes images available. Anyway, the developers are committed to keep the software libre forever, so that's a nice thing :) *btw are we posting software recommendations here?*