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This does not concern at all the posted article.

It’s expected, but I’d be sorry for them. To move the company and the people would require big expenses.

I read it everyday because sometimes there are discussions about non-tech articles.

Resetera and Reddit comments are not proper sources.

It is just a virtual space where everything is advertisement.

There’s more to 4chan than /b/ and /pol/

Completely agree, I’ve been repeating this to all the people I am able to discuss with: Marxism, being most of the factory-worker Proletariat composed by men, was fundamentally a men’s right movement.

I also find saddening that so many believe that you can’t create a movement that champions men’s wellbeing without it devolving into the terms of the “patriarchy”. How are socialist parties going te even figure in government if they abandon their main strenght, which is to be for the whole labor class?

You can try this on yourself.

For me, a heterosexual man with 22 years behind, the answer is no. I am not attracted to most women, and spending time together doesn’t change that.

If we were stranded on a deserted island, things would be different though.