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It’s dinner theater to soften you up to the idea of further cuts to social spending.

That’s a good one. I am expropriating this meme.

I’ll just leave this here. Spoiler: anyone claiming TikTok is some kind of threat is a crank https://www.internetgovernance.org/research/tiktok-and-us-national-security/

I made the mistake of trying shorts the other day. After months of mashing “do not recommend channel” and I had gotten rid of most “CCP collapsing in 10 days” and “clean your room and disrespect women” videos and they had stayed gone for months. One 5m scroll and they are back. dogwater website

The cognitive warfare of watching 30s videos lmfao. Can we ban snapchat too?

The Mechanics of a Bond Market and its Impact on the Banking Crisis | Michael Hudson
Had no clue wtf happened other than First Bank of Our Lady of Javascript was bailed out. MH coming in clutch to explain it for regular people.

Wtf do these startups even do? Are they going to pay my rent? How much javascript does it take to alleviate someone’s precarity-induced anxiety?

This is orders of magnitudes worse than the rural Chinese bank runs liberals were malding about 6 months ago. These companies are going to miss payroll and no one is going to be made whole.

Mildly inconvenience a liberal and a fascist malds

Do you think her playing amogus on twitch was her covert way of signaling that she is sus?~I’m very sorry I have no self control re:amogus memes~

This is fine and the largely captures the points of the Astana declaration and the principle of indivisible security. They’ve been saying stuff like this since before the war even.

Negotiations got really close last year in Türkiye with the Ukrainian side willing to begin with negotiations from the position that Crimea is gone forever and Minsk II was jebait. One bojo visit to Kiev later and Kuleba is running his mouth on Twitter on how they will kill 1 million Russians per cubic diamond hour to “liberate” Crimea and here we are 1 year later…

Wages and social spending scapegoated for CPI increases 🤡
Michael Hudson back on tour with another great breakdown of the current macroeconomic environment and its largely unchallenged narrative.

Although we must remember here that China’s banks are fully owned by the Communist Party, and social stability often takes precedence over the raw pursuit of profit, so their lending practices cannot be compared like-for-like against those of Western banks.

I love how they can just say that aloud without any introspection.

Exactly. They stopped doing pieces about the Trump voters hurt by the tariffs after Biden decided to uphold said tariffs.

Ducks can graze and can be annoying af. This makes them a cost effective barrier. If your neighbor replaced their door with a wall of ducks, would you breach it?

Best not to bring it up after the initial outrage. People might realize it makes zero sense for Russia to have blown it up while they freeze this winter

Nothing like that sadly. I’ve watched and recommend:

  • Scissor 7 - goofy/wholesome some action
  • Daily Life of the Immortal King - Reverse 1 Punch Man, the main dude is trying to stay anonymous instead of get discovered and goes about as well as you’d expect for a comedy
  • Quanzhi Gaoshou - basically a shonen battle anime, but the cast is likable and more well rounded
  • Mo Dao Zu Shi - BL, animation is gorgeous and world is interesting
  • Heaven’s Official Blessing - BL, animation is gorgeous and world is interesting

I want to watch:

  • White Lightning - ping pong sports anime

I think they did write an article about his roast of them and “rebutting” it a few years ago which like lmfao the only thing Lenin got wrong is that today it’s a tabloid for American billionaires instead

Anyone know where I can read a copy of what's probably actually a great children's book?

Ya it’s such cancer to watch. It’s not even contained within its own genre anymore. Everything has these characters, fan service, flat female characters, etc.

There are some Chinese anime I’ve been watching and they’re devoid of that crap it’s so nice. A bunch of them have been licensed to Netflix in the last few years, a few are on Bilibili’s YouTube channel, and Bilibili itself has some webcomics available for free and in English.

Damn I read this as cracked down on after all the “crackdowns” last year lmfao

These stadiums are always built as mega gentrification projects and the other participants use slave and criminalized migrant laborers domestically. I feel like it’s just thinly veiled Islamophobia and malding that Qatar is moving closer to the SCO more than anything.

More than happy to sell them weapons and only call for Russian and Chinese expulsion from these types of events. It’s white man’s burden tier outrage.