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>The RSS feed for websites missing it.

Maybe consider alternatives outside the browser. Many Fediverse Apps support UnifiedPush, which works great in combination with XMPP.

>An interactive web-platform to provide barrier-free access to education for everyone. It is a simple to use open-source tool for local, self-organized knowledge-exchange: As a foundation for mediating non-commercial education opportunities, as interface between people who are interested in similar subjects, and as an instrument which simplifies the organization of “peer-to-peer” sharing of knowledge. Seems quite cool. Maybe something we could host here on slrpnk.net in the future as well.

Call to Participate in Anarchy 2023 meeting
>On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the first anti-authoritarian international, international meetings are being prepared in the Swiss Jura mountains. They will take place from July 19 to 23, 2023 - with an extension of a few days to allow time and space for spontaneous meetings. We are making this appeal to clarify the role of these meetings, that is to say our concrete motivations, as well as the way we wish to organize them.

Either federated edits or federated votes, not sure. But indeed it is an issue.

What about “waste heat utilisation of nuclear electricity production” is too hard for you to understand? I still challenge you to find a single non-military, non-experimental nuclear energy use example that is not done for electricity production. Good luck finding one.

District heating was not among the non-electricity use-cases you talked about that time. But this is still nuclear electricity production, just with some heat recycling added, so I stand by my point that non-electricity production use-cases for nuclear energy are unrealistic 🤷‍♂️

Yes? I didn’t claim to add a big bold additional insight to the video. I was merely stating my opinion about it. And no, MalcomX threatening violence is not the same as actual infrastructure sabotage, so the video makes a false analogy there.

Hmm, diversity of tactics is needed indeed, but this has a strong potential to have unintended side effects and a public back-lash, so not sure. I guess its a suitable tactic in some cases but should not be talked about much?

Lots of nice pictures of electric cargo bikes.

The irony is that you are replying to what very much looks like a lightly edited ChatGPT output text ;)

The mod sticker is always there, however a similar functionality as you describe for Reddit seems to have been added to Lemmy recently, but I have not yet used it or seen it being used.

Sounds like a great idea :)

People post shitty articles from right-wing sources here all the time, so this seems by far not the worst offender.

The story apparently is a bit more complex, with the biological mother having a fall-out with the married mother and moving in with the sperm-donor as the “official” dad. But regardless of that, I think the married mother should have some rights as it really is the same as any other divorced parent.

Apparently locked bootloader and a SoC that has very bad main-line Linux kernel support, so no that is not going to happen most likely.

Dunno… click-baity title obviously and the argument doesn’t really hold up as it makes a up a quite peculiar definition of “Fediverse” and then pronounces that dead, while promoting what I think most people consider to be the meaning of “Fediverse” under a different term.

Also would be better without the personal vendetta against Mastodon and Gargron.

@altair222@beehaw.org thanks for posting, but this “technology” community is not just an alternative for “technology” on lemmy.ml. It was specifically created for sharing sustainable technologies and the like, something I felt was not much present on the previously existing communities on other instances.

For this post specifically our self-hosting community might have been more suitable anyway ;)

I get his frustration about large companies using core-js and not contributing back, but he is at least partially sleeping in a bed of his own making by licensing core-js as MIT.

The founding idea of Free-Software was always that everyone contributes a little and by using a each others work you can grow a foundation that is larger than its individual parts. For that to work you should use a copyleft license like the AGPL and treat any library you develop not as an end in itself, but rather as a tool for something else (and this something else might or might not be what you make a living with).

It uses a well known religious metaphor to get the point across. Would work the same with some well known historical example etc.

Ups, sorry I didn’t notice as my Firefox addon just circumvented that pay-wall automatically. I guess there is a version on the internet archive.

All brace for the next phase of enshittification shortly after.

Definitely possible to link it to a webhook for example that also triggers the CI. But it might be a bit fiddly to get the timing right so that the server is already up and running when it is really needed.

It’s like the homebrew version of on-demand compute… but not many public services at least are suitable for it. But I could imagine a CI or a OpenDroneMap worker could be used with this quite well.

I agree. While the initial implementation proposal is hardly better than an RSS feed bot on Mastodon, it does lay the groundwork for true ActivityPub federation it seems. Discourse is a large complex software; Federation will not happen over night.

Please stop continuously building straw-man arguments, moving goal-posts and changing the topic when someone points out that you are spreading falsehoods.

It seems that no matter how ridiculous your initial position is, you somehow try to mend it into something that at least gives the superficial impression that you are “winning” the argument. Stop lying to yourself, you are convincing no-one other than maybe yourself.

Seriously, not a single sentence in your reply is really related to what I wrote. I don’t even know how to reply to this further. You are either arguing in bad faith or lack basic reading comprehension.

I never claimed to know the answer, I simply pointed out that nuclear isn’t it either.

And yes, you started moving goal-posts as I simply disputed your original statement that nuclear is a viable alternative to overall fossil fuels use.

And did you even read the OP’s article? It clearly explains that nuclear is by far the most expensive option. As for environmental damage: are you seriously disputing the environmental damage of uranium mining & enrichment/recycling and nuclear fallout from inevitable accidents? Nothing in the entire life-cycle of renewables comes even close to that.

Those non-electricity nuclear use examples are clearly not economically feasible as otherwise they would be done already. Please show me even a single non-experimental & non-military use of them. So yes, those examples are laughable as a counter-point.

You said “there is no viable alternative to nuclear that actually works and can replace fossil fuels at scale”, which is a pure falsehood as nuclear can’t do that either. Nuclear can replace fossil fuels for electricity production and so can renewables (and at a lower cost with less environmental damage).

And when I pointed that out you suddenly moved goal-posts to overall energy use, which is totally besides the point and again nuclear can also not replace that, not even close. Those examples of non-electricity producing nuclear use are laughable and not feasible at scale nor are they actually done anywhere AFAIK. That is like saying solar-power can also be beamed from space. Yes technically it can rolleyes

You just keep moving goal-posts and mis-defining common concepts to fit your agenda. That is pure bad-faith discussion style. And I challenge you to find even a single instance of me lying, because there is none, so stop spreading falsehoods about me.

ChatGPT explains Solarpunk
Please explain what Solarpunk is: >Solarpunk is a sub-genre of science fiction and speculative fiction that focuses on a positive view of the future, characterized by the widespread use of renewable energy sources, sustainable architecture and design, and a focus on environmentalism and social justice. It is often depicted as a world in which technology is used to solve environmental and social problems, rather than causing them. Solarpunk is often seen as a hopeful and optimistic vision of the future, in contrast to the more dystopian or post-apocalyptic depictions of the future that are common in other sub-genres of science fiction. Better than expected :)

Stop moving goal-posts all the time. Nuclear is also only producing electricity!

Come on… we went through the argument already. Nuclear is producing electricity only, Germany is already at about 50% electricity production from renewable sources without much Nuclear left as I have shown you with plenty of sources last time.

Sure, there is a lot of shitty stuff going on with German energy policy, but there are plenty of viable renewable alternatives to Nuclear when it comes to electricity production.

Please stop repeating the same easily disprovable falsehoods over and over again.

That can be said about any technology…

The title is not very descriptive of the article itself, but indeed this spells the death of boring uninspired homework texts that students mostly just lazily reformulate from Wikipedia or similar.

Academic text will probably also have to become more inspired and less papermill like, as sadly many social-sciences especially have become.

I think both of these “disruptions” are ultimately a change for the better, like most automation.

Have you tried Plasma-Mobile? https://plasma-mobile.org

Also regular Gnome works better with touchscreens than desktop KDE. And there is the Phosh spinn of it, but I am not sure if there is an easy way to install that on a x86 PC.

Edit: ah and there is Maui Shell https://github.com/Nitrux/maui-shell

$40 for setting up an email server? No way 😅

We know too little about what is going wrong with your setup. Did you try asking on the Yunohost forums or their chat?

The old Thunderbird XMPP integration doesn’t support OMEMO. But there are many modern XMPP clients where OMEMO works out of the box without issues.

Turning it into a Firefox plugin would be quite ironic as that was what it used to be pretty much before the Mozilla browser was split into Firefox and Thunderbird.

Pict-rs that Lemmy uses as the image storage is able to do S3 compatible storage API calls in the upcoming 4.0 version.

There are also many self-hosted options that you can install on your server to provide a S3 compatible storage API. The probably best known open-source software for that is called Minio. It is however more meant for data-centers with fast low latency connections or local network only.

The above mentioned Garage software is unique in that it is specifically designed to work in less than ideal networking conditions typical to self-hosted servers.

cross-posted from: https://slrpnk.net/post/244182 > Link in German, but after all these years of people complaining and even if analytics are explicitly disabled in Element, it still phones home :(

Online presentation tool (PowerPoint like) based on Excalidraw.