Government departments must stop installing surveillance cameras made by Chinese companies in "sensitive" sites, it was announced today. Cabinet Office

The new restriction applies to all companies that are subject to China’s national security law, which forces firms to co-operate with Beijing’s security networks

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Yes. I’d be happy if history teaches me wrong, but somehow I feel they won’t do it.
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Of course. Tbh, US imperialism made it more difficult to get rid of their surveillance than China’s one (at least in western countries). And Europe have a lot of trouble acting politically, and I think it is mostly because they are so liberal. Even more so than the US, that limit liberalism to the thing where it is an advantage to them, but are very protective and prostate control when it benefits their political objectives.

I have to admit that Europe is not 100% passive, and some regulations do try to limit US dominance on Europe, but it is very far from being enough, or even close to what could be done with a real political will.

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