Belgium bans TikTok on government phones
‘We can’t be naive,’ says Prime Minister Alexander De Croo.

"TikTok is a Chinese company that currently is mandated to cooperate with Chinese intelligence services,” Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo said in a statement. The Belgian ban is based on a risk analysis by the country’s intelligence services and recommendations by the national cybersecurity center.

19 giorni

National cybersecurity agency deems TikTok a threat to Czechia

The Czech National Cyber and Information Security Agency (NÚKIB) has today warned Czechs against downloading the Chinese video application TikTok. It has labeled the app a “security threat” and said the public should “think twice” before using it.

Danish public broadcaster advises staff against using TikTok

When will Czech and Denmark (puppets of USA) declare such warnings against Google, Apple, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon and Microsoft? Spoiler: they will never dare to, because national security is basically excuse for curbing democratic freedoms of citizens they so love to honk and scream about.

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