Russia's invasion of Ukraine in February led to demonstrations and donations all over the world. The yellow-blue flag of Ukraine fluttered against the sky thousands of kilometers away. People raised money, and volunteers signed up to help refugees and provide shelter.
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42 giorni

The research is based on surveys conducted in the U.S.

Okay 🤣

Research had better times as well.

2 giorni

But they are not willing to pay/donare to/for FOSS projects less than a Macdonald’s menu…

You know, for apps and services that actually respect your privacy and freedom!

22 giorni

This is sadly true. Sometimes I feel it is even worse. People could use products like LibreOffice for a donation of their choice or even for free if they want to, but they rather pay for Microsoft 365. I don’t understand that.

This seems like such a strange little piece, and I can’t put my finger on why it raises a red flag. I absolutely feel for the people of Ukraine, but I have so many questions.

Are they trying to tell big business that they can raise prices and just point to catastrophes and we’ll pay them? Had they not heard of the labor movements of the late 19th and early 20th centuries? What about studying extremist politicians solidarity with apartheid Israel?

Don’t know, just feels strange.

§hreddy §cientist
53 giorni

It appears to be more for customers rather than green lighting big business. Getting end users used to higher bills and no wiggle room with this logic prevents wide spread uproar.

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