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were plato alive today he would be a small business owner posting 20 IG stories a day with grindboss captions like this

Well yeah. In theory you could just not use the internet, not carry ID, never send letters and live your life but then you lose out on the benefits

for those who may not know… either 1. shut off the water near the base of the toilet. if that is not possible 2. lift off the tank cover and manually stop the flush valve or reach your hand in and set the flapper closed… if those don’t work, plunge or you SOL.

I honestly have no real idea how this site works. I just treat it as if I would another forum

I don’t think you did anything wrong, to be honest.

Hard disagree. I don’t think societies are doing enough to combat tobacco use, and they should be more aggressive. So many butts on the ground near where I live, it’s disgusting. They don’t decompose and get into water sources. Thank god I wasn’t born 20 years earlier and had to suffer through second hand smoke in buildings. People don’t really ‘turn’ to smoking, they try it and they are addicted.

I mean, the occasional cigar is cool but not worth the huge societal negatives. I think they should do what one country did and effectively ban smoking for people born after a certain date. Though of course the capitalists will fight that tooth and nail.

Well said. The French got what they deserved and their colonization was outright evil. In countries where settlers are a majority, the prospect of something like Algeria does scare them, but I don’t think it’s as likely as settler-colonialism is more entrenched in N America. Anything could happen in a short span of time though.

Anything that could lead to you possibly being convicted of a crime should not be said on a computer, period. Unless you’re not afraid of going to jail lol

It’s an incredibly difficult question rife with contradictions. Consider what happened in South Africa. Even more intense, consider what happened in Algeria. Nobody would have thought that in less than 40 years in 1939 all the white people and their compradors would be violently kicked out, but that’s what happened.

It would all depend on how things play out. Since settlers are the majority in settler colonial nations, I’m gonna guess and say there will be some sort of civil war similar to Russia 1917 and won’t be pretty. Settlers are definitely not going to want to give up their property, rich or not so rich. However, property is hugely tied to colonialism. How this happens imo depends on several things:

  1. Which settlers were on the side of the revolution and who was against?

  2. Will the economy crash as a result of revolution? I think it is likely. We will likely first and foremost see a large exodus of economic refugees, (provided that the devastation is similar to 1917) which will unfortunately hurt a lot of working class people, I’m gonna guess the majority of them will be settlers.

  3. Obviously, utilize the wealth confiscated from the rich to bring all the oppressed peoples up to a good living standard to kickstart a socialist economy. Give Indigenous people sovereignty over their lands and increase them in size substantially.

  4. Perhaps after a civil war and the most reactionary elements are defeated/fled (hypothetically) and there is a strong socialist state, I think we would just see a mass requisition of property over X value, regardless of race, giving exception to Indigenous people and maybe others. Most “middle class” workers will likely keep their house, with the richer aristocrats having their property seized and likely relegated to decent public housing. Give people adequate compensation so they don’t get feelings of revanchism, and re-educate the most reactionary sorts. Give people the option to emigrate to their ancestor countries with a little financial compensation (taken from the hyper rich, of course). Although I don’t think this is a morally good idea to be paying white people off, I think it would have the lowest cost in the long term. Obviously not to the extreme that Britain paid off former slave owners.

  5. Other than that, who knows that the future will hold. Ideally, we would want some sort of articles of constitution that prevent white people from having a hold over the DOTP to undo the gains of the revolution. If settlers don’t like this, then they get re-educated, if that doesn’t change their mind, then deportation.

How old are you? I felt like this when I was 19, but in reality I was the one who was closing myself off to others. Yeah, ppl are annoying and dumb, but there is a lot of knowledge out there that I am sure you don’t know and that they do.

I know it sounds cliche, but seek out a copy of “how to win friends and influence people”. The most important part is the second. How can one be a successful communist if one can’t influence people? Not everything is a debate. You need to be fun to be around.

I wish you luck.

I do dual boot linux on a laptop i have that is 10 years old (linux mint). I would consider myself ‘intermediate’ when it comes to knowledge of software and stuff, and I mostly find Linux pretty frustrating to use beyond simply browsing the web, it feels like there is always a byzantine process to do stuff that Windows can do easily without hassle. Not that I really like Windows at all. Otherwise, I’d use it all the time.

Been on an old Soviet movie kick lately. Watched “Earth”, “The Cranes are Flying”, “Office Romance”, and “Operation Y and Shurik’s other Adventures”. They are all good though the first was a little boring at times as it’s silent. Gonna watch this one this weekend: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brother_(1997_film)

There are a lot of youtube channels out there with Mandarin content from native speakers, tv shows from China, etc, as well as western students who can explain concepts really well for anglos like this one

Based. Good luck. It’s hard to find Cree related information online, and it’s often only specific to a certain region due to the varied dialects of the language.

I have yes, with French/English but I would probably need another few years of serious study to reach that level and I’m not really prepared to do that career wise at the moment.

Chinese isn’t as hard as some people think. The hardest part is learning all the characters, but other than that the grammar is pretty simple. Learning multiple languages gives you linguistic analysis skills and views you can’t really get anywhere else. You don’t realize how much of an anglo you are until you are no longer in the anglosphere.

I have 4 years of experience in German, 8 in French, 3 in Spanish, 2 in Chinese, and off and on Russian/Greek.

my biggest tip would be to make sure you study every day and mix it up. i use duolingo, Anki, videos, phone/computer in the language, games in the language, etc

for younger comrades, Jane Fonda is the o.g. anti-imperialist hollywood actress. meeting with communists in vietnam, meeting with Fidel, getting arrested multiple times for protest (most recently on her 82nd birthday), she has been based for most of her life. probably the most hated white woman in the 70s in america lol

For western kids like myself, 1991 was a great year. For the global south/rest of the world, assuredly not.

Like I mentioned in the other thread, the Communist Party of Canada is doing very poorly here. Completely out of touch, their platform is essentially economism, tons of internal infighting and scandals, they are a paper organization and are basically at the same place they were 30 years ago, if not worse.

It could be argued that there are Trotskyist groups here that have similar numbers to the above, but they are beset by the same problems and are also extremely annoying and sell their shitty newspaper.

I hate to say it, but the only option that has any promise is the Democratic Socialists of Canada. They are far more radical than the DSA and not affiliated with mainstream parties.

Yeah, which is why I often say “neo-fascist” because you’ll inevitably have someone be like 'well aaactually that’s not real fascism…". It’s a contradiction. They don’t outright say that they are fascists, but they are the preferred party of neo-nazis and the like and have similar views. It’s a smokescreen to appeal to workers, just like the blackshirts or nsdap.

Unfortunately, the Communist Party in Canada is an absolute joke here. Led by close-minded boomers, they’ve had multiple sex abuse scandals/cover-ups and have completely undone any gains they’ve had in the last 10 years and have lost a ton of members. They basically only exist online.

To add to what you said, we have the “People’s Party of Canada” which sounds like it could be a socialist party, but in reality it’s a neo-fascist party that split off of the Conservative Party (also led by a neo-fascist) for not being fascist enough for their tastes. Thankfully they have no seats but they get more votes than all socialist parties combined. In addition to that, they are various provincial parties in the same vein. As you can guess, these parties are antivax, racist nationalist, anti-intellectual, and pro-corporate greed. Their flunkies are mostly responsible for that ‘convoy’ bs you may have heard of in the news. Even though they are mostly on the fringe, they quite accurately reflect the neo-fascist nature of settler colonialism and their views would’ve been mainstream 100 years ago.

Yes, this is legal, at least in most jurisdictions. In public, anyone can film you, including police (who can be also filmed, as much as they don’t like to admit). However, if they wish to re-broadcast your image, they must get your written consent or blur your face.

If the camera was pointed at someone’s bedroom, that would be illegal, as you are guaranteed a ‘reasonable expectation of privacy’ in your private residence.

Absolute garbage. Why do you keep posting so much rightist stuff

I’d recommend deleting all corporate western social media apps. If one needs to access them, you can use an adblocking mobile browser to do so.

Unfortunately this hasn’t really been a thing since pre-feudal times. back then the leader would generally be the greatest warrior and on occasion conflict would be settled by a duel.

I don’t understand what the point of the matrix server is. Is it different than this site?

The PLA was exhausted by '49 and not ready to fight yet another Imperialist power.

Whole flake oats with chia seeds, pea protein, ground flaxseed, a banana (or a packet of aspartame to balance the protein) and some blueberries is a really really healthy cheap filling low cal meal.

Paprika, onion/garlic powder, mushroom powder, msg are basics that can add a ton of savory flavour.

Another tip to add for me is I’ll add a big handful of red lentils to the water and boil them for 5-7 minutes before I add the noodles, makes it a little creamier and you get the extra protein and fibre.

It’s decent. Seems pretty secure but I’m not an expert. I used Opera / Firefox for over a decade and they did too many overhauls that I don’t care for them anymore.

https://weboasis.app/ is an interesting site. a lot of links are to chud stuff but you can remove them. the FAQ also has a lot of info.