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It is really strange to me they specified “an open source library”

Although with Void I forget I’m on a rolling release

Aim for something. Have that in mind. Until it goes away, because you achieved it or you got bored of it (try no to do this). Then, aim for something else and repeat. Meanwhile, try to be sociable.

Edit: Just an offtopic comment about why it disgusts me to donate more than I already do to pixelfed.

I started making them donations 3 years ago because they said they were about to release the android app, so I felt obligation to show them my gratitude.

The app was published under a “beta” flag some months ago and it is pretty pretty bad for the time is should have been in development. Not to talk about that it is not free software either… I’ve been giving money for the development of a proprietary software… I’m disgusted. I guess that is why it is a pretty bad app. He had to do it all alone, while also moving forward pixelfed and fedidb. I’m sticking with pixeldroid for now.

That’s so cool. And I have never heard of it. And it even has the rex game.

ehm, this seems really really suspicious. Directly downloading an apk from a strange link…

I would’ve preferred if you had linked the following URL: https://mastodon.social/@pixelfed/109618139027744923 (a confirmation by dansup itself about the android app https://mastodon.social/@dansup/109618561554783472)

I just realized that only Lemmy wiki article before the english one was in basque.

I hope this is a copypasta. Isn’t it???

More than “we’ll go extinct” I would say “we are going extinct”

I remember when all the cool guys told me I was a freak for being so much time in front of a screen. I now live in the days in which I’m told by the cool guys that I’m a freak because I don’t spend all my time watching TikTok and Instagram.

dunno. In the past, I tried getting (addicted) into twitter 3 times. Failed. I tried mastodon once and I’m stuck now. I guess it works.

I guess that’s the disadvantage of giving the control of a software to a corporation. That’s what I’m scared of. We should not have to trust any entity with respects a software. It should be independent, free. But well, people seem pretty happy with Mozilla’s Rust management, I don’t know.

Maybe the same might happen in the future with Rust. Maybe if Google decides to go with Carbon and discourages the use of Rust for that?

I didn’t think about EEE. You might be right. Although I think using a trademark for that is kind of double edged. But I agree, I prefer trusting Mozilla than allowing EEE.

I feel a lot of fear for Rust (trademark)
I'm sorry for all the Rust fans out there reading the title, but it is true. I can't stop feeling fear whenever there is news about Rust spreading more around free software I have looked at the project and it is fun! I have known people that loved Rust and I wish I did too. I think the results the programming language is getting around performance and security are great! But I can't help feel fearful of its trademark. I have already accepted myself Firefox trademark. I kind of think it is *fine*. But being Rust a programming language, the foundation for software, I can only feel fear when I think how much software will be affected by trademark concerns. I think the discussion about this was reopened with a Debian bug that was then summarized on this [LWN article](https://lwn.net/Articles/901816/). I can't stop thinking that this trademark that, I think, was made to protect the users (?), is in violation of freedom 3 (*The freedom to distribute copies of your modified versions to others*), which make compilers that compile Rust code with the Rust name on it non-free software. Maybe, it is not specifically the freedom 3 which is being violated, it might be another license clause. It's basically that the software with the trademark is at mercy of its trademark owner, so it could sent a cease and desist whenever it feels preferable, then not being completely free as in freedom. I thought the other day, "I think I read there is a new rust compiler with a gcc backend. That's so cool!! maybe that will fix trademark issues and I will be able to use Rust without any concern!". But seems like they are keeping the Rust name, which also keeps the Trademark. Moreover, I think gcc rust is going to gcc itself? (this is when I got stressed). We could all assume nothing bad is going to happen with Rust and that it is going to be a wonderful programming language and compiler for free software. But wouldn't we be going against the very principles of free software by making this whole community trust a single organization? Now I think called Rust foundation, but pretty sure under control by Mozilla. What if everything goes fine the first 5, 10, 15 years, but then the trademark goes against us and we cannot do anything because Rust is everywhere? I have always tried to ignore the trademark issue (because you know, it stresses me :), but back then I thought it would be better in order to protect Rust having a good specification (I think currently there is only an incomplete "reference") with a compiler that doesn't update and add so many features so often, so that alternative Rust compilers could be built and catch up the main implementation, instead of having a single ever-changing one as today. I would like to know how you manage to suppress these fearful feelings or at least how you feel about this philosophically nonfree software/trademark issue. Thank you for reading about my concerns :^)

A little bit offtopic but…

I have always been interested on that page, but it just lacks what I would expect from a reviews page. Everything is like unordered, I don’t seem to find any good way to find reviews about specific topics. I mean, you can search for “film”, but it just returns a list of 10 films. And if I search for “marvel”, it just outputs whichever review that has marvel word in it… I can’t even filter by language…

I hope they enhance the page a bit more actually… The idea is good, but, imo, incorrectly implemented.

FSF’s aim is to be the model to follow regarding free software. No one is going to be more radical with free software as they will be, that means that the more they get near proprietary software, the less people will be really serious about only or mostly using free software, because if those that should be %100 libre, are not following their own principles, some tasks would become acceptable to be performed without free software. However, making more usecases to be acceptable through proprietary software, decreases the amount of people interested or interested in the future of free software, basically because you narrowed the free software functioning area, thus, returning again to the situation about “FSF’s relationship with [whatever] is harmful to free software users”. So what should the FSF do again? allow even more proprietary software? No. What they should do is stay firm, because they are the model to follow and the ones that say how it should be done. And I hope the FSF continues to do what they are doing today, because if they don’t, nobody will.

Then, that relationship it is in fact harmful, but it is the only long term way. If you don’t like it, you should not blame the FSF, but the vendors, but not really, because there are many that are trying to get near FSF’s ideals, and the more radical the FSF is, the closer those vendors/projects will try to reach FSF’s level. As on this blog post was mentioned, a company even got to design a phone, with > not one, but two processors just to get FSF’s approval. That’s amazing in my opinion, not something to be ashamed for. Although I must say, it was such a disgusting trick…

Long time ago, I created a script to take the link I had on the clipboard and download it as ogg. If it is useful to someone… https://git.sr.ht/~iortega/scripts/tree/master/item/download-audio.sh

You need xclip to make this work. It is POSIX compliant, so I guess it works on any UNIX system.

Actually, I don’t really play any games nowadays. I spend most of my free time learning japanese instead of on games. Although, if there is a game I occasionally play, that is Melee.

I thought tattoos and piercings were associated with aggressiveness, violent behavior and being part of dangerous groups (mafia or similar), so they would be less likely to get through job interviews. At least around here though.

charges 3 minutes and lasts 20 years? nah. Not on this system.

I have seen some wild cats around my house do the same thing (step into previous steps). I would say that’s instinct for survival. Not to leave tracks I guess.

This can actually be understood in several ways. And that is nice. My favourite: weight.

I know the topic is not about this… but as long as the service doesn’t run on free software, it’s like “I don’t care what you do” to me

I have doubts. Which of them is the one that does not exist (at least in earth)?

It’s always fun to see how most of Asia is red. And then Japan.

“If you’re […]” that’s the problem, they probably don’t really really care

I’m just happy using pass. I made several scripts to create new passwords and get usernames and passwords. I may end up using a GUI some day though, but not yet. And if I have more contents on encrypted files, I just use pass from the command line. I like having everything on git and the repository itself on a USB stick. Although I’m currently curious at Himitsu. If I have time I might try it.

nah, it just goes on with its life as if nothing happened and once a girl finds him living in the forest he starts to make more friends (and enemies), but he beats them all and sometimes they eventually become their friends. He may even become the strongest in the universe.

A master in martial arts adopts and trains him. But it is unmanageable, until it falls from a cliff and it becomes a good alien. Then he keeps training with what the alien considers now as his grandfather, until a full moon night, where he dies and the alien is left alone.