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I thought it was used in piracy because rar was proprietary and antivirus scanners wouldn’t scan contents inside them or something?

it also led to a lot of malware and RAT infections because people

i’m out of the loop. why were the monkey abuse stuff bs?

At first, I was wow, this sounds amazing, then I saw it’s not even available yet and due for a crowd funding campaign.

Milk-V is leaning in to the free and open source nature of RISC-V by pledging to make all hardware schematics and design files available under an as-yet unspecified open source license prior to the launch of its crowdfunding campaign

Well! Good luck to them.

Not only is the lack of a definitive fix disappointing, but the workaround isn’t great, with Microsoft stating that to “mitigate this issue, you can uninstall apps which integrate with Windows, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Calendar.”

“Integrate with windows” is very vague. doesn’t every software on Windows integrate with Windows? ㄟ(ツ)ㄏ

ya, just waking up and I was like “Codeweavers is a strange name for a company that makes wine”

two years seems fair enough. just gotta login once a year if you have to keep that account

the instance i’m using is working fine with google. the instances you were using are probably rate limited by the search engines.

Multiple, 40 sec to 60 sec ads on the first video. I knew it was bad, but that still surprised me

More people using adblocks, more ads for people who don’t. It’s simple business logic. Google is the largest advertising and analytics company. I’m sure they’ve got adblocks factored in for maximum profits.

Poor them though, I’ll probably never not use adblocks. lol

Basically “Let us use it to become too big to fail (bigger than what we already are). Then we’ll dictate what you can regulate.”

People were applauding the banning of Chinese apps (most of which were obviously malware). But they got too comfortable with their government getting authoritarian. Now, look how the turn tables.

I don’t see signal/wire/whatsapp being mentioned. why tho? because they leak metadata? or work with the government? 🤔 Comments from Element make it even more suspicious.

Element already published a statement regarding the issue explaining that they do reply to Indian government requests: “While Element never compromises end-to-end encryption or user privacy, we have been contacted by Indian authorities in the past and addressed them in a constructive fashion (typically responding same-day). Indeed our Trust & Safety team works with governments to build safer secure communications for everyone; while ensuring user privacy and protecting end-to-end encryption.”

Basically they do follow up with the government requests but that wasn’t good enough. But Signal/Whatsapp/Wire are more government friendly? Facebook obviously is, but signal is far more popular than any of the apps banned. Yet, it is not blocked.

I undeItrstand what you mean however it’s opposite on the mobile version. they’re adding features every new version. Pull to refresh was just just added in 112.

great way to protest. It’s amazing they still have these colonists as their head of state after independence. I think it’s very disrespectful to the indigenous people to have a shadow hovering over them as if they were never freed.

How do you even begin to check if your images are among billions of images? They’re just taking without asking and no one can do anything about it.

I am just thinking out loud but can’t he just create his own company and pay himself $1 every month and the rest going somewhere else, the company itself or his wife?

I wonder how it works with people that speak multiple language or mixed languages. Are the thoughts in the brain language agnostic? As we imagine the same thing just in different words.

It’s very interesting research and can help people with good intentions but someone will inevitably use it for their own benefits.

It seems to be a website with a stream of tweets? How are people supposed to view or communicate from the page when internet shuts down? someone fill me in.

A comment on this by GrapheneOS reddit account here:

NitroKey did not discover a backdoor. The post is very sensationalized and it’s unfortunate they didn’t run this by us first. The title used for the post here is editorialized and doesn’t match what the article actually states. This is not a backdoor.

XTRA (PSDS) is an entirely separate thing from Qualcomm’s IZat service. XTRA (PSDS) simply provides static downloads via HTTPS GET requests of GNSS almanac data, i.e. the predicted locations of satellites for around a week in the future. XTRA is just Qualcomm’s proprietary branding for PSDS which is also used by every other major GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, etc.) implementation including Broadcom.

IZat is a network location service similar to the Google and Apple services where devices can send a list of nearby cell towers, Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth devices with their signal strength to receive back a location estimate. It also seemingly supports other features like location sharing. IZat appears to be a fairly privacy invasive service but it’s not enabled by default and is not directly related to XTRA.

Qualcomm used to use izatcloud.net for both IZat and XTRA which are entirely separate services. They moved XTRA to xtracloud.net to make it clear that it’s a separate thing. Some devices using an older SoC or configuration may still use the confusing izatcloud.net URLs leading to people mixing up these things up.

On Qualcomm Pixels, XTRA (PSDS) is implemented by xtra-service within the OS and SUPL is implemented by the cellular radio firmware. The OS chooses the URLs used for both XTRA and SUPL. Pixel/Nexus phones never integrated IZat. We have seen South Korean Qualcomm SoC phones providing the option to use IZat and it seems like it might be widely used there. It does not seem to be widely used internationally and is not simply enabled by default without users choosing to opt into using it. XTRA is normally always used since it’s just a static download.

On Tensor Pixels, PSDS is done with the standard AOSP PSDS implementation and SUPL is done within the OS by Broadcom gpsd. We prefer the Tensor Pixel approach, but it doesn’t mean that the Qualcomm approach is less private. We just prefer having control over it within the OS.

It is possible Qualcomm moved XTRA (PSDS) handling into firmware similar to SUPL on newer devices. We haven’t confirmed that ourselves since we aren’t currently doing research and development for newer Qualcomm devices. We do prefer the Tensor platform over Snapdragon, but this is barely a factor.

There are no known backdoors in either Snapdragon or Tensor, and no one has found any evidence of any backdoors. The post title here is simply wrong. People not knowing about XTRA (PSDS) or SUPL doesn’t make them a backdoor.

SUPL is much more of a privacy issue than XTRA, since SUPL involves sending a list of nearby cell towers with their signal strength to a server which helps with accelerating obtaining a satellite-based location lock.

We document these topics here:



I’m still with Picasa photo viewer. I know this is more than a viewer, but is there anything comparable to simple viewer of picasa. Last time I checked was few years ago.

Doesn’t Edge send all urls you visit to Microsoft through browser.events.data.msn.com? Microsoft has been tracking every site you visit since the start.

People: We want sustainable technology, stop the inhumane exploitation

Fairphone: Here you go, we did our best

People: meh, it doesn’t have flagship specs, it’s useless.

the circlejerk on that thread is just yuck. and the reporting, I hope it doesn’t end up like heroku’s investigation.

-no user accounts were hacked

-there may be some users affected

-yea, everyone was hacked, and we reset your password for you

I have Mint on my home desktop and raspberry pi 3B for tinkering.

I need Windows on my laptop for work and stuff.

My laptop strangely has TPM 2.0 but the processor is not compatible. oh well, I don’t see a reason to upgrade yet.

mastodon has an awesome website. very usable on mobile too. does the app offer any benefit other than being native?

I know the phrase. How is Medium going to extinguish Mastodon is what I’m asking. For someone to EEE, they’ll have to own it first. Mastodon is still an independent organization.

how are they going to extinguish a open source project with this?

their website design is very sus. I would’t put anything on it.

is the data anyway linked to openstreetmaps? They need quite a bit of help with outdated and wrong info.

Awesome but it says it doesn’t come with WiFi+BT module. And is it just me or their site doesn’t have a ssl cert.?

becomes unnecessarily energy-intensive the rest of the day

you can close the website anytime you want, and set the battery optimisation for the browser exactly as any other apps.

The US government benefits from having facebook services as surveillance front all over the world. It’s obvious the sabre rattling was just for show and they aren’t going to poke into that relationship.

self hosting is the only way you can guarantee speed. Public instances serve many people. There’s only so much they can handle.

Does libreoffice have an auto update feature yet? I am using scoop to update libreoffice in Windows, but it complains sometimes.

I’m sure it is very fast and Intel deserves all the shit they get for stagnating, but i’m not taking a word of a youtuber who runs the benchmark and then shows the result on a browser. Inspect Element anyone?

Views are all they care about and these hype trains are their money makers.

Apple: It is an “ad/invasion of privacy” when it is from other companies, however it is an innovative, first of its kind “discovery tool” when it is from our company.

Apple users: <standing ovation>

Sort of. Chrome and Edge are based on same (chromium) codebase with additional features on top

Never take fanboy’s opinions and this guy makes it pretty obvious. Never even mentioned Firefox.

Safari doesn’t even run on Windows and Linux. If a company controlled every aspect of hardware and software, of course it will run faster. It’s 2022, isn’t technology supposed to be portable? I would take some trade off on speed for superior portability, adblock, privacy and customization over a browser that doesn’t even bother being cross platform.

this is, however, good content for sheeples