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How AI is being used to destroy people’s lives under capitalism
The promise of automation is that it frees up people's time while automating labour. Under a socialist system, this technology would be a net benefit to society. However, under capitalism it's creating increased unemployment because companies need less workers.

Yup, US has been running around and trying to get all its vassals to stop selling chips to China.

Libs get very upset when they see any global south perspective. The colonized aren’t supposed to get uppity and challenge their precious rules based world order you see.

and like the onion it’s indistinguishable from real life

Not yet as far as I know, but I hope we’ll start seeing them in the near future.

This is one of the big advantages of using open platforms that operate over a common protocol. Commercial companies are engaged in a zero sum game fighting for users, so they want to create silos for their content. On the other hand, Fediverse is a positive sum game where all the platforms benefit from users being able to see content from other platforms.

People in the west are getting increasingly salty seeing China outpace the west in science and technology. After decades of being told that China isn’t able to innovate and it’s just stealing western tech the fact that China is rapidly outpacing the west technologically is a hard pill for them to swallow.

The reality is that everybody knows that US bans Chinese companies in order to hobble China technologically and economically. US officials say this openly. China is retaliating in kind now and turns out US can dish it out but can’t take it. At the end of the day US can’t dictate to China what technology China will use or what companies they will work with. Deciding that is China’s sovereign right.

Yeah, China tends to do things slowly and deliberately. I don’t expect we’ll see any hot headed reaction from there. They’re definitely getting increasingly more firm in their positions, and we haven’t seen US called out the way China has since the days of USSR now.

I don’t need a project management tool at the moment, but gonna keep an eye on it. These kinds of tools can be pretty useful, and nice to have an open source option.

Sounds like China’s had enough shit from US at this point. Likely China is also calculating that they’ve decoupled their economy sufficiently that they’re not worried about economic war from the west at this point. That would explain why China’s become a lot more assertive than they used to be this year.

I used IntelliJ for a long time, but lately I find VSCodium does everything I need and it’s generally pretty snappy.

It’s a pretty incredible interview, the most amazing part was just how utterly unprepared she was. The part where she started describing coups as democracy was pretty hilarious though.

Kinda, there was also similar idea in Hungary with goulash communism. Seems like China managed to make the concept work the best though.

Three Chinese firms, BYD, Chery and JAC, plan on releasing these next-generation sodium-ion cars for public sale later this year. Downside of sodium batteries is shorter range of 200 to 300 kilometres compared to 300 and 500 for lithium batteries. That’s perfect for people whose main journeys are to work or school or to nearby towns, but who don’t make road trips across the country.

Being an utter ignoramus is sort of a prerequisite for being a liberal. Once a person learns a modicum of history, then it quickly becomes impossible to reconcile reality with liberal ideology.

it’s the result of the selection pressures inherent in the capitalist system because profitability is the sole fitness function that the company is evaluated on. Capitalism rewards psychopathic behaviour since people have to be willing to exploit others to become successful. Anybody who would try to run an ethical company would quickly find it impossible to compete with business owners who are willing to brutally exploit their workers.

A great read, the point regarding lack of meaningful organization around common goals can’t be stressed enough. Liberal world view convinced majority of the people to view everything from an individualist perspective, and this is at odds with building actual political power.


These findings have major implications for understanding the ‘Euromaidan’ and the origins of the violent conflict in Ukraine and the conflicts between Russia and Ukraine and between Russia and the West. This false-flag massacre led to the de facto Western-backed violent overthrow of the Ukrainian government, which spiraled into the annexation of Crimea by Russia, the civil war, and Russian military interventions in Donbas.

Ah yes, the same tech that killed over a thousand animals in horrific ways just recently is going to be implanted in humans. What could possibly go wrong.

What’s even more wild is that many Americans are convinced that they have the best healthcare in the world.

oops, looks like it timed out originally

I often wonder what I’d be doing if I wasn’t forced to choose a career that’s marketable. I’m good at what I do, but I don’t find it’s really my passion.

I got into nature photography a few years ago, and it’s been a really fun hobby. It gets me out of the house, and I’ve discovered a lot of local wild life that I didn’t know about. I post some pictures here.

yeah, I think windows in the enterprise is gonna be around for a while yet