The UK is banning TikTok on government devices — joining the US, Canada, and the EU — despite a charm offensive dubbed 'Project Clover,' report says
TikTok executives met with British policy advisers last Monday, but attendees told the WSJ they remained skeptical of its ability to protect data.

TikTok execs had doubled down on efforts to convince UK policy advisers that their data is safe, but the UK will join the EU, US, Canada and other countries in banning TikTok. The move comes after a UK security review.

If they really care about security, they should ban and dissolve all social media companies entirely. Otherwise this is just xenophobic targeting of non-Anglosphere and/or Chinese companies, like Huawei and ZTE in the past.
15 giorni

In any case, I do not understand that Tik-Tok or similar can be on an official government mobile, nor is it allowed on company mobiles. These are for work and related things, not to watch silly videos and play Candy Crush, for this they can use their private phones.
215 giorni

That’s what I’ve thought about all of the government phone bans. Even people who opted to use their personal phones for work business have the work data/apps sandboxed by default. The bans seem more symbolic than anything.
515 giorni

If they’re concerned about data protection they should be banning all social media.

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