Sella launches pilot of biometric credit card in Italy - FinTech Futures
Italy’s Sella has launched the trial of a biometric recognition credit card that allows people to make payments using their fingerprint.

The trial allows people to make payments using their fingerprint.

Can they make one where you have to give yourself a paper cut with the edge of it? Or maybe you gotta lick it, then touch your eyeball to it. Or even more appropriate for the times, a CC where you must insert the pointy end into each of your nostrils for a total of 5 rotations each. That would be unbreakable security. One could go deeper with this and require some sort of armpit material, feces or reproductive organ fluids. Anything else? How about a physical key? Or maybe the guy just knows you personally. Or you could meet with two bankers at the same time and formulate a question-responce combination that you must execute upon each transaction!

Joe Bidet
36 mesi

What could go wrong? :)

(hint: you leave your fingerprints about everywhere)

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