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  • Reading the comments I get the impression that most people didn’t actually read the article, which says that a woman was barely touched and not injured by a self-driving car while crossing the street with a red light.

    There barely is “news” here, as the car correctly halted as soon as possible after noticing the pedestrian unforeseeable move, so let alone sides to take.

    I am perfectly aware that self-driving technology still has numerous problems corroborated by the incidents reported from time to time, but if anything this article seems a proof that these cars will at least not crush to death the first pedestrian that does a funky move.

  • La questione non è AFD, ma quel 30% di cittadini tedeschi che sembrano simpatizzare con la sua ideologia.

    Il problema con un eventuale scoiglimento non è tanto il rischio di aumentarne la popolarità, ma di compiere un gesto sostanzialmente inutile, in quanto gli elettori non faranno altro che dare il proprio voto ad un’altra formazione politica con idee simili se non peggiori.

    Ovviamente sono ben consapevole del paradosso di Popper e sono il primo a pensare che il fascismo non debba essere tollerato, ma non sono convinto che bandire un partito possa essere una soluzione al problema dell’estrema destra.

  • OcchioverdetoLinux@lemmy.mlMicrosoft Edge, anyone?
    10 months ago

    Strange. The other day I had a call on Teams with a customer and had no problems using Firefox 117.0 on NixOS, but I recall that some months ago some features (like microphone and screensharing) where unavailable.

    Maybe Microsoft hasn’t rolled out the update in your region/org?

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    This argument reminds me of the Tolerance Paradox described by Karl Popper, who stated that in order to maintain a tolerant society, the society must retain the right to be intolerant of intolerance.

    In the licensing context, yes, the Apache and Expat licenses may grant your users the freedom to create proprietary software out of your works, but at the cost of sacrificing all the basic freedoms of all the users that will use the derived non-free product.

    So, like Popper said that you should prefer removing the “smaller” freedom for a society of being intolerant in order to guarantee the “greater” one of remaining tolerant in the future, since you still have to choose which freedoms you are going to negate, it’s preferable to use copyleft and impede the “smaller” freedom of creating proprietary software than not using it and allowing the crushing of future users’ fundamental rights.

  • Wasn’t the Affero GPL (AGPL) created exactely to enforce copyleft in a SaaS environment?

    Quoting from the GNU website:

    [The AGPL] has one added requirement: if you run a modified program on a server and let other users communicate with it there, your server must also allow them to download the source code corresponding to the modified version running there.

  • Well, Proton is a Swiss company and, as such, is obligated to comply with legally binding orders like the one they received in the case of the arrested activist. Expecting someone (or, in this case, a company) to risk legal repercussions just to protect one of their thousands of users is simply ridiculous, even more knowing that similar data access orders are normally issued by the Swiss authorities for really serious crimes. As for the IP logging, everyone can turn it off in the account settings and Proton, not being subject to data retention requirements under the Swiss law, will delete all the previously saved data.

    More info can be found in this article they published just after the incident: https://proton.me/blog/climate-activist-arrest