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you do realize that linux has very political basing in it, right? do you realize that politics is a structure of governance and hence everything the authority on linux has to say will eventually, if not automatically, affect the project?

dont know why but mental outlaw has a weird anti-semitist community surrounding him and it has not been addressed by him.

Hate it. They have absolutely no moderation and quite heavy and violent antisemitist, racist (against SEA indians/black people) and transphobia rhetoric under almost every video.

Mental outlaw has “jews are pursuing a conspiracy” and “trans people are in on it” on his youtube channel as well, so just imagine whats its like on his lbry

Their promotion of a transphobic and islamaphobic subreddit that is running a psychological operation with the help of a hindu-nationalist community (that is currently the backbone of the indian government).

idk about wordpress but there is WriteFreely. Which is like medium for the fedi, if that counts

Any explation of the context for a python layperson who has only dabbled with basic python and some raspberrypi GPIO coding?

Then ask microsoft to stop indulging with chatgpt? hypocrites

i think you confused piracy with privacy. there is a piracy community on lemmy but this isnt that

I dont want to say this lightly but: these people are going to cause a class war, and it’ll be a bloody one

I call bullshit, while it is true that black people on the fedi are having a tough time with racism, and considering bluesky, i dont see the community (trans people) that helped build the fedi “flock” anywhere.

for me imdb is useful for checking ratings and rating. would love to rate stuff that isnt on an amazon project

How would one help an insect whose wings are stuck in water drops?
cross-posted from: https://beehaw.org/post/344872 > Suppose an insect's body gets upside down and their wings get attached to the surface due to water drops? What can a human do to help them without damaging their wings or body?

nvm, got my answer from the git description, thanks for the study!

I’m a bit confused. I should join that room but if you can help understand: It seems a bit too minimalistic as of right now to even be usable as a single-user instance. Would it have a feed, A Hashtag section, atleast?

there’s a take? It is just reporting. If anything, its the youtube comments with the shitty takes at all times.

I would not disagree that a subscription model is viable for a live service.

Decent study into official US claims about privacy

While the network effect is a real thing and its quite hard for people to realize the need for migrating to a better project, projects like Revolt Chat set a good precedent on the fact that one can have a functioning, accessible public community without compromising browser privacy, given the open source and self-hostable nature of it (lack of federation though) and probable future e2ee for DMs. If nothing, matrix is always there.

The corporate existence is visible in the constant bombarding to buy nitro or gift nitro, even going as far as including the option in the message bar itself.

If we go by your argument (which i dont doubt at all that they track inside movements), what would inspire something like twitch to add trackers to it, then? Asking purely for academic considerations.

What’s the privacy of discord like? (with context in the body)
So I've started using Ublock Origin on my firefox on Ubuntu, and I noticed that it showed no blocked trackers on the webapp of discord. I'm well aware of the perils of using any service that doesnt support e2ee for private messaging and i hate discord for that and being corporate, But i was wondering how bad would it be for browsing communities on it given the supposed and seemingly "lack" of trackers detected for it.

I swear ive used this in 2017, is this new or just a new version?

The first thing i did upon installing the browser to test it is uninstall the VPN extention. Im very skeptical of the browser myself but im wondering how much grounds your argument against the browser holds. Wouldnt the open-source nature (and hence being able to create our own binaries) and the firefox base create a decent enough privacy experience? One could even scientifically test the telemetry with the right tools, right?

> He was a freedom fighter and #India’s first Education Minister, but any mention of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad has been deleted from a revised political science textbook published by the National Council for Educational Research and Training (NCERT).

Is the browser not open source? And hence a binary could be built for it to test and verify the degree of privacy to it?

How to install Mullvad Browser on Linux
Good guide on how to register mullvad browser as an application too

This is my POV, proton support and hence more support for games.

Has Steam Deck done good for the rest of the linux community?
I was wondering if steam deck's existence made linux gaming better for you folks who do not have a deck yet game on a linux machine, as im afraid it did nothing for me at all. I'm trying to see if its failure to influence my side of linux gaming is purely anecdotal. Thanks!

Reminder that Amazon Music was NON-FUNCTIONAL in its entirety for 2-3 months

Keeping my apartment sounds from leaking
Most of the search results I get for isolating my apartment sound-wise is about preventing *outside* noise from getting in. But my issue is related to *my* privacy *inside* the apartment and hence preventing any sound from leaking outside or just not bothering my neighbors through my music listening habit or gaming routines. Do the tips for sound isolation as i first describe work the same for isolating sound *inside* the apartment itself too?

Economics Related Sublemmys or communities
Is there a list of lemmy (or otherwise) communities one may suggest joining for economics related conversations and studies?

The Human Web
Search Engine for Human-created pages

Android Private Browser with Real-Time Push notifications options
Hello good people of beehaw. I'm looking for an android browser that works with push notifications for something like calckey but wont outright be a spyware in itself, is there anything that would satisfy this need for me in case firefox fails so?

Here's something you can do in 5 minutes that will make the world a slightly better place: download Atkinson Hyperlegible and make it your default font your favourite word processor and email client. - @paulralph@mastodon.acm.org