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I hope Foundkey will follow suit

I just joined Lemmy because I was suspended from Reddit. Reddit Admin team is overtly corrupt.

Microsoft has a Mastodon instance. I forgot to remember the name.

Element and the Matrix team might move out of the UK if the legislation is passed

While the Fediverse is growing strong thanks to Twitter collapse

Central Asian CSGO players aren’t safe from insults thrown at the Russian players.

I am also a former Redditor. The admin team is usually corrupt. Silencing criticism of unfair mod actions could make Reddit user-hostile. Reddit is on the verge of collapse as Twitter.

Nitrokey has phones (Nitrophone) loaded with GrapheneOS. You should encourage journalists and security-minded people to buy.

Also, I was permanently banned from Reddit for unspecified harassment. No link to reported content, just straight up surprise.

Facebook remains popular in my country. Our people are dependent on Facebook for communication. We need antitrust legislation to stop the dominance.

Tons of repost bots are spamming Reddit, which could confuse a lot of newcomers. The Reddit CEO said that free karma subs would not go away.

r/banned was banned by Reddit Admin team for Mod Code of Conduct violation. The state of Reddit is declining due to unfair subreddit mod actions.

Subreddits dedicated to criticizing improperly imposed bans from other subs have been banned. r/banned was a safe place to criticize unjustly imposed subreddit bans.

Do you think that Reddit will go the same way Digg did?
Ever since Elon bought Twitter, it caused mass exodus to Fediverse and companies have launched their own Mastodon instances. I am an ex-redditor and I joined Lemmy recently. Do you think Reddit will go the same way Digg did? PS: I was permanently suspended from Reddit for unspecified harassment.

Current Admin and AEO teams are corrupt. I was permanently suspended from Reddit for unspecified harassment. I was in good standing for a month after a week of suspension for report abuse. I expect Reddit would go in the same fate as Digg