It’s free reading material that you can access from your phone anywhere. I love it!

It’s probably copyright infringement, so I’m in favor of it :)
15 mesi

It’s usually covered under fair use doctrine in the United States, though there are limits. More specifically, it must be both transformative and noncommercial.
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I used to think “bit pointless, but whatever makes people happy”

recently i realised the potential in recreational reimagining of things, if nothing else it might be a nice ‘exercise’ for our mind.

truth be told, most hollywood adaptations of a book are basically high budget fan fiction.

It can be fun to have a different take on characters. This is especially true for crossover fanfics or fixit fanfics in the case of source material with plot holes or other flaws.

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I don’t really bother with it myself, as I have enough trouble reading primary sources, but there is a huge community out there that is creating ongoing interest in various works and settings, and I have trouble seeing how that can be a bad thing.

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Same, don’t read it, but it gives people on opportunity to flex their creative muscles, using characters they already like.

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