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What's Ask Italy / Cos'è Ask Italy?
EN: Ask Italy is a place where you can ask any question regarding Italy? Maybe you're staying in a specific city and you want to know what to visit there; maybe you want to know what Italians think of a specific event; or maybe you just want to know which pizza brand is better. Whatever doubts you have, the community will try to answer them. The rules are the same as the instance, find more in the sidebar. *NOTE: this is the only community on where the english language is accepted, as well as italian.* IT: Ask Italy è un luogo in cui è possibile porre qualsiasi domanda sull'Italia. Forse state soggiornando in una città specifica e volete sapere cosa visitare lì; forse volete sapere cosa pensano gli italiani di un evento specifico; o forse volete solo sapere quale marca di pizza è la migliore. Qualunque dubbio abbiate, la comunità cercherà di risponderti. Si applicano le stesse regole dell'instanza, trovate altre nella sidebar. *NOTA: questa è l'unica comunità su in cui è accettata la lingua inglese, oltre all'italiano.*


Hi, welcome to !askitaly! Before you post here, you might want to read the rules. Generally, there are the instance rules:

  • No illegal content
  • No racial or gender discrimination
  • No **spam

We understand that for some questions it may be unavoidable to touch on the topic of illegality, discrimination, or something else. For this reason, if your question is in good faith or if it is a particular political question, your thread will not be removed regardless but will be reviewed by a mod. The instance admins can always decide to delete your threads, regardless of the community mods.

(NOTE: this does not mean that you can post whatever you want or that threads will never be removed. A question like “I did this, is this illegal?” will not be removed, but "“How can I do this without being fined/arrested?” will be blocked. That was an extreme example, but hopefully you got it).

Last but not least, titles must be explanatory, “I have a question” is not ok.


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